A Woman Looks at the Lifetime Channel
Opinion; Posted on: 2006-01-10 15:11:49

Cable channel tries to make White women dislike White men.

by Elizabeth Smith

WHEN I USED TO watch the Lifetime Channel -- the Jewish-owned Walt Disney company's cable and satellite TV channel for women, headed by President and CEO Betty Cohen -- I was constantly being indoctrinated with the belief that White men were the main problem faced by women. They were the rapists, thieves, murderers, and abusers. For hours I was shown how White men were "bad news." The implicit message: Stay away from them.

Not once do I remember a portrayal of a White family man who loved and protected his wife and children. No, they had to ruin that by portraying him as a cheater who couldn't love them -- or as a callous, selfish jerk who thought of them as a burden.

Now, after many years of not watching Lifetime anymore and having found new media like NationalVanguard.org, I have learned that all the stereotypes put out about White men by Lifetime and their ilk are actually what White women ought to fear from men of other races who want to exploit us. It is that quite rational concern about "players" and exploiters who cross Nature's racial lines that should be taught to our girls and women.

In the fantasy world of Lifetime, Black males are consistently portrayed as "poor slaves" or "victims of racism," or just good all-American family men: romantic, smart, attractive, and with solid values and morals -- men that every woman would want to be with. Women are shown that if they want a good man and faithful husband they had better betray their own race and marry a non-White. Not once was the high incidence of thieves, rapists, murderers, and abusers among Blacks discussed, shown, or referred to in any way. Nor were any negative consequences of White women mating and marrying Mestizos or other non-Whites ever shown, at least while I was watching. Clearly, Lifetime has an agenda.

And it's an agenda with tragic consequences: By their refusal to show the dangers of non-Whites to White women, you now see more White women trusting non-White males -- with often violent and life-destroying results. Meanwhile, Lifetime and other controlled media outlets teach them to fear those who are their best protection -- White men, especially racially conscious White men.

Women, you can't realize how strongly Lifetime controls the way you think in terms of men until after you stop watching their poisonous programming. Stop for, say, a couple of years -- your mind will remember clearly what you watched, but you'll start to see how disconnected it was from reality.

White men are our natural protectors. They are not our enemies. We shouldn't be pushing them away because that is how we see it on television. Television today is a fairy tale -- a tale of how beneficial other races are for us, and how "diversity" is the ultimate good. Outside of selling us junk we don't need, that is its primary agenda.

As a White woman, I say we take back our men and our culture. We need to set aside what the controlled media have taught us and follow our instincts -- and our hearts. If we do this, our gentlemen will return from where they have been cast aside. We, as White women, belong alongside White men, our natural partners. You will feel so much safer. You and your children will be so much safer.

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