Eire: YOU DID IT! Now Let's Build On the Success
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-06-13 01:53:01

In a fantastic show of racial and national solidarity, Eire's people overwhelmingly voted to restrict the citizenship "rights" of non-Europeans.

by D. Kearney

The "Yes" vote in the constitutional amendment referendum added up to 79.14% of the electorate, an amazing win considering that supposed "Irish nationalists" such as Sinn Fein, national pressure organizations, and even the hierarchy of the powerful Catholic Church (which urged "tolerance" while wisely stopping short of openly pushing a "No" vote) were opposing the amendment.

The figures are interesting: while in mixed-race areas such as Dun Laoghaire (Dublin's port, with a fairly large non-White population) were "only" 70% in favor, all-White areas such as Longford and Meath were in the 83%-84% range. This is the inverse of such voting patterns in the United Kingdom and USA, where high concentrations of non-Whites tends to lead to greater pro-White sentiment.

In the Proposition 187 anti-Mestizo campaigns in California, rich, White areas such as Marin and Sonoma had some of the largest pro-Mestizo sentiment. This is due to two things: regional anti-worker capitalist agribusiness dependence on illegal Mestizo stoop labor, with these corporations funding anti-187 propaganda, and the "liberal," leftist politics of wealthy, self-hating Whites able to afford to live in splendid isolation.

The Irish figures show that racially, ethnically and religiously homogeneous communities retain a sense of self-awareness that is able to react decisively in their own interests, while dissipated, besieged White communities are not -- whether the dissipation is the result of non-White influxes or socio-economic selfishness. This is why International Zionism and its Globalist, capitalist allies are so intent on deracinating White nations as swiftly as possible.

Interestingly, while the Irish people rejected Sinn Fein's insane demands for autogenocide, they voted heavily for Sinn Fein in local and European elections! This is because SF pose as "Euroskeptics" against the European Union while the Fianna government -- which sponsored the highly successful "Yes"-vote in the referendum, is pro-EU.

What this tells White nationalists is that the people of Ireland are highly intelligent, with little misplaced "loyalty" to any one political party. What the nation needs now is a new generation of White nationalists willing to fill the vacuum the Old Parties represent: a non-sectarian organic organization that embraces the Protestants of Ulster and is willing to put the issue of RACE first on the Irish agenda.

The Referendum has passed with a 4-to-1 majority

County-by-county results

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