Edward Fagan Sues Lloyd's of London, U.S. Government
Report; Posted on: 2004-03-28 19:47:10

Jew seeks billions for his 'slave descendant' clients

Jew are preparing a multibillion-dollar action against Lloyd's of London, the best-known name in world insurance, for allegedly financing the slave-trading fleets. The claim is to be filed tomorrow in a New York City courtroom.

New York Lawyer Edward Fagan (pictured), and his team of compensation-grubbing experts, are using DNA technology to link their black "clients" with recorded slave ships. Fagan is the Jew who extracted billions in "holocaust compensation" from German and Swiss companies.

Lloyd's was founded by Edward Lloyd in a London coffee shop in 1688 to provide cover for merchants whose ships were regularly lost at sea. Just like today, it was the centre of the insurance and shipping world in the 1700s and early 1800s, when many Jewish slave-shipowners were making vast fortunes by shipping Negroes from Africa to America and Britain's colonies in the Caribbean.

Deadria Farmer-Paellman, one of the plaintiffs in the case, said "...the murder and mistreatment our ancestors suffered is the definition of genocide and Lloyd's of London aided and abetted it." Antoinette Harrell-Miller, another of the claimants, said: "I have the right to know who I am. Lloyd's of London and others must repair the damage they caused."

The Jews claim that the slave ships could not have crossed the Atlantic without the financial safety net that Lloyd's provided. They want the insurer to contribute to a billion-dollar "educational fund" that would help blacks to trace their ancestry. They are also demanding up to $1-million each in personal compensation.

The lawsuit is not aimed exclusively at Lloyd's: among the other defendants is the US government, a one-time champion of slavery.

"Our case is that Lloyd's of London was heavily involved, and we believe the US court will support us," Fagan said on Saturday.

Slave descendants sue Lloyd's for billions

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