Dutch Inquisition Reborn
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-21 01:28:11

Orwellian "liberal" Dutch government embraces repression in the name of freedom.

You may legally smoke hashish or engage the "services" of a starving Russian prostitute off the dog-feces-strewn cobbled streets of Amsterdam's Red Light District. You may request a Dutch doctor's aid in dying, and the same doctor may prescribe heroin at taxpayer's expense to registered addicts. Homosexuals are legally allowed to be "married" and even pedophiles find life easy. But if you attempt to exercise real freedoms -- of speech or conscience -- the Dutch "liberal" state is as inflexible as a wooden shoe.

Radio Netherlands is reporting the shameful fact that Dutch law may be used to persecute White Dutch people who publish politically-incorrect views, even if those views appear on sites based outside of the Netherlands. The main target appears to be Stormfront.org, the internationally famous pro-White forum. The campaign against freedom is stepping up as many Dutch awaken to the very real threat of losing their nation in their lifetimes to Third World immigrants.

"The Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet, which has monitored messages on the US web forum for some time, has now filed an official complaint with the legal authorities in the Netherlands. The Public Prosecutor's office in Amsterdam is handling the complaint, and has started an investigation into possible criminal statements. Robert Meulendijk of the Public Prosecutor's office is unable to say how many people are under investigation."

Image: Spain's Duke of Alva also repressed the Dutch

Another censorship fan, Willem Hart discounts technicalities, and "points out that prosecution by the Dutch authorities is a possibility, because the Dutch users' discussions are about the Netherlands and they themselves are resident in this country. Mr Hart says that the political and judicial will to act was lacking for quite some time and that an investigation requires a good deal of technical expertise and is labour intensive. However, he's pleased that this is now changing and he has faith in the current investigation."

Such censorship and demonization of dissidents is common in Europe, and establishes a climate that leads to serious violence, with at least two murders in the Netherlands alone. Much of this mayhem happens with the quiet complicity of the state. The twin tracks of "legal" and "vigilante" attacks on the rights of nationalists are used by corrupt elites fearful of the latent power of White people.

Sadly, the Netherlands has experienced this kind of Inquisition before. Under the boot-heel of Spain during the Reformation incredible repression, including mass murder, was meted out to the Dutch by the Duke of Alva. The persecution merely galvanized the Dutch and forged a national consciousness and will that gave them their freedom after great cost. The same may well happen again.

Many Europeans, especially in Dietsland (Dutch-speaking lands in the Netherlands and parts of Belgium and Germany, as well as South Africa), like to make fun of Americans, even as their own homes face imminent destruction. A popular Flemish song topping the Belgian charts is "The Anti-American Dance" with lyrics such as "Short-sighted thinking, loud talking/Sticking to one-liners forever." Yet even "stupid Americans" have a one-liner the Dutch could well profit from: "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press." Many of the American revolutionaries were of Dutch descent.

The Netherlands is no longer a windmill-dotted land of tulips, chocolates, friendly people and fine beer. It is rapidly becoming a Third World hell-hole, with Muslim children set to outnumber Dutch children by 2015. And the Dutch system, all in the name of liberalism and human rights, is dead set to imprison anyone who dares to ask why.

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