Drug Feud Claims Life of Anti-White Activist
Report; Posted on: 2005-03-22 06:12:35

"Underworld" leader boasted of violence and criminal activity.

Desmond "Dessie" Noonan, the head of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) in Machester, England and a well-known drug dealer and gang king-pin, was stabbed to death Friday night in a Pakistani area after a night of hard drinking.

Police hold Noonan, 46, responsible for the deaths of nearly thirty people in murders related to the operations of the organized crime family led by his brother, a fluent Urdu speaker. "We have more guns than the police, we're a bigger army than the police" Noonan boasted at one point.

Noonan's leadership of Anti-Fascist Action, a group with close ties to illegal drugs and guns, was marked by serious violence against nationalists, including Noonan's use of a gun to threaten a BNP organizer. The Noonan family also allegedly has links to the Irish Republican Army.

Noonan's death is believed to be related to power struggles in Machester's underworld related to the drug trade. An unidentified man has been arrested in relation to the murder. His family say that Noonan's intoxication at the time of his death aided his assailant in kiling him.

Anti-Fascist Action is a wing of the pro-IRA, violent Marxist group Red Action. Two of their leaders were arrested in the early 1990s for IRA bombings in England, the first IRA members of non ethnic-Irish descent. Police have found RA/AFA members in possession of automatic weapons, explosives, and hard drugs, and members have been arrested for a number of very serious assaults on nationalists.

Experts of the left and right have long seen RA/AFA as a state-sanctioned countergang on the model developed by British Army counter-terrorism specialist Frank Kitson that is often used in Northern Ireland. "Deniable", criminal elements are used to side-tack targets into "gang warfare" and distance the target from the sympathies of its constituencies. In this set of circumstances the state sanctions the criminal operations of its countergang, useful as an incentive as well as for group funding. Members, when arrested, are usually treated gently in the courts, as happened in 2002 when over a dozen "anti-fascists" were released after serious assaults on nationalists which would have resulted in harsh prison sentences were nationalists to have been the perps.

However, drugs have taken a toll on AFA, with one of their best-known members, Matthew Roberts, AKA Mat Lacoste, AKA Matty "Blagg" of AFA rock band "The Blaggers" dying of a heroin overdose a few years ago.

Criminality has been a hallmark of "anti-fascism" for generations. Jewish extortionist Jack "Spot" was involved in the Cable Street Riot of 1936, and a number of UK Jewish criminals formed anti-White vigilante gangs from the 1930s to today, and were instrumental in the founding of Searchlight magazine and organization, which functions as an ADL equivalent in the UK and has had close connections with Noonan's AFA. In the USA, the now-defunct JDL has had close connections with organized crime, including an alliance in the 1970s between founder Michael "Meier" Kahane and crime boss Joseph "Joey Bananas" Bonanno. The ADL also has recieved organized crime funding in the form of Meier Lansky-family gelt. And, of course, the recent arrest of 103 Mestizos after a plot was revealed to murder pro-White demonstrators in Arizona, was linked to the feared MS-13 narco-Marxist drug gang.

The use of marginals such as Noonan and "Blagg" is usual in state operations such as RA/AFA. "Blagg", for one, began his "political" life as a skinhead member of a Hollywood Nazi gang, before going in the opposite direction and advocating first degree murder of pro-White dissidents. Such people are interested in "extremism", not in substance, and are a liability to any serious organization.

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