Dreaming of a Black Christmas
Report; Posted on: 2005-12-02 17:32:05

While some Blacks reject Kwanzaa, others are boycotting Christmas

Zionist madman Pat Robertson recently hosted Jesse Lee Peterson, a Black preacher, on Robertson's millenial television show, The 700 Club, to highlight Peterson's campaign against Kwanzaa, the phony Black "holiday season" which stretches from December 26 through New Year's Day.

As Peterson correctly points out, "Kwanzaa is not even a legitimate African holiday. The founder of Kwanzaa, Ron Karenga (a.k.a. Maulana Karenga) himself admits he made up this Pagan holiday to give Blacks a false sense of culture and identity. The word "Kwanzaa" itself is fabricated...Kwanzaa has been pushed by radical Black activists and promoted by the mainstream media as a viable Black holiday, in many cases replacing Christmas. Despite the liberals' efforts to paint Kwanzaa as a multicultural holiday, it was designed as a “Black only” event." The United States government is also involved in pushing the "holiday" -- this season the Post Office has even issued Kwanzaa stamps.

Peterson goes on: "For the past forty years Black Americans have been the victims of some of the most heinous scams ever run on a people—typically run on them by their so-called “Black leaders.” Kwanzaa is one of those scams and it's time all Americans became aware of it!"

The main "scammer" is Ron Karenga, who invented the "ancient holiday" in 1966. The "Paganism" of the event that Peterson condemns is as fake as the "holiday" itself. Says Black commentator LaShawn Barber, "Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by Dr. Maulana “Ron” Karenga, a former black militant, Marxist and convicted felon. Claiming to have the unity of black people in mind, Karenga committed most of his crimes against blacks. Just five years after his invention, he was convicted of torturing two black women by stripping them naked, beating them with electrical cords, placing a hot iron into the mouth of one and mangling the toe of the other in a vice. During the ordeal, he forced them to drink detergent." Karenga led the United Slaves, a militant group who murdered two Black Panthers in 1969. He now is a "professor of Black studies" in Long Beach, California.

The ghetto obsession with numerology is found in the extra "a" added to give the Swahili word seven letters, in keeping with the "seven principles" Karenga said were at the core of his version of Black "cultural nationalism." Embarrassingly for Blacks, the Swahili language is loaded with Arabic loan-words, a result of the huge Arab East African slave trade -- a language with a history hardly conducive to the "celebration of Black culture."

At the other end of the spectrum from "Uncle Toms" like Pastor Peterson are supporters of a Black boycott of Christmas. The aim of the Black Buying Blackout, which began in 2004, is to increase pressure for "reparations" and "to create pressure on the political-economic system by demonstrating the impact of Blacks' $700 billion-a-year buying power." The plan is to economically discriminate against Whites. "Black buyers are being urged not to spend money on two Saturdays, December 17th and 24th, in stores, restaurants, movies, gas stations, etc. unless they are owned by Black people."

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