Dream of inter-racial cooperation finally a UK reality
Report; Posted on: 2005-08-03 00:43:06

1st August 2005
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For decades the only multi-culti 'success' stories that the liberal elite could point to were chicken tikka massala and the fact that the English football team is clearly better than the 'hideously white' one back in 1966.

But now, at last, after all those years of waiting and scraping the bottom of the BBC propaganda barrel, we have a new multiculti success story.

According to The Times (27/07): "The ethnic mix of the eight London bombers, ranging from young Somalis to Yorkshire-born sons of Pakistani parents and an Anglo-Jamaican convert, has surprised investigators."

Finally we have proof positive that multiculturalism is alive and well among the suicide bomber community. Such a vibrant, rainbow mix of idealistic young men from such a diverse spread of races and cultures, all uniting in Britain to bring another new development to our once boring country.

Doesn't it make you feel proud?

Thanks Tony, John, Maggie, James, Ted, Harold - and all the other Prime Ministers and politicians of all parties who have spent the last 50 years bringing us 'diversity'.

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