Do Whites Really Deserve to Exist?
Opinion; Posted on: 2005-05-01 11:51:03

Should we just give up hope and toss our hands in the air?

by Mark Farrell

SOMETIMES, I think a little too much about things. I wonder how America ever got to its current point--on the verge of becoming a Third World country ruled by plutocrats and their lackeys--so quickly. I wonder if there’s any hope of reversing the trend, of making America a better place, or even of preserving the existing civilization itself.

I read the papers every day. It seems like there’s always some new law designed to control the masses -- some new legislation put out there to enforce the ever-expanding amount of gobbledygook called "laws" which no one really understands anyway because they're too complicated. And the lawyers are always trying to change the laws out there with their newfound interpretations, making things more complicated than they need to be, trying to show off their vocabulary -- as if simply knowing multi-syllable words is something to be envied, when they produce nothing but lawsuits.

I think of simpler times before I was even born, perhaps before my great-grandfather was even born, when we had better leaders, when we had people running this land who cared. I heard of Andrew Jackson’s face-off with the money-masters, and how he won the battle, putting them down. I wonder how George Washington would react if he could see us now, ruled by utter tyranny and thinking that we’re somehow "free."

I wonder how people can say we’re free, when the only thing that we’re “free” to do is pay our taxes -- which grow greater by the year, by the month, by the day. I wonder how much sales tax will be next year, what the next property tax increase will be, the city tax, the state tax, the federal tax, the social security tax, the taxity tax-tax. Why doesn’t the government just take it all and put us in chains, tossing us a few bread crumbs from time to time, and quit the illusion? At least, we could then be proud of their honesty, while they’re raising their salaries to unprecedented new heights to compensate for the increased taxes.

I think of the brilliant minds who founded this land, and how they would be too dumbfounded to try and play by the insipid rules in today’s society.

I recall reading of how all Harvard applicants were once required to be proficient in Greek and Latin, and wonder how many are knowledgeable of such today, demonstrating their sharp minds. I wonder if the people who attend there are truly sharp anymore, or if they’re just people who study hard when laziness is envied -- compounded with a society where egalitarianism is viewed as the final answer to all questions, and grades -- in this country where money has become king.

I think of how today’s sycophantic politicians care about nothing more than being elected, thinking as if they’re some sort of prestigious royalty too great to shake hands with the common man, rather than acting as a public servant to assist others for the common good.

I watch as the businessmen sell out America’s birthright, selling out our manufacturing base to undercut American labor, then they wonder why no one here has money to buy their products. I see their competition being forced to downsize and outsource to remain competitive, with no trade laws or borders enforced by a non-responding government filled with politicians for politics' sake. I see the companies who care about this nation and want to remain loyal to their employees forced to go belly-up, when faced with such internationalist “free trade” absurdity.

I see how the government discriminates against non-Jewish Europeans in every facet of civilization -- from immigration, to loans, to housing, to jobs, etc. And this is done under “equality,” they say, while slapping us on the face. They say it is “affirmative” action, when it is anything but affirmative.

I hope for better times. I hope for change; for a caring government; for a land filled with justice. But I see none.

I see bullying tactics perpetrated by the government against those who fail to subscribe to some sort of bizarre mentality that suggests defying their thoughts is somehow a crime. I see entrapment created by a government who cares little for its constituents, not realizing that those same actions may very well be applied against them by their colleagues some day, down the line. Corruption is rampant, and no one seems to care.

I watch as people are overwhelmed with information, going from article to article in search of the final truth, when it was always there in front of them and they only had to think about it, and react.

I think about how we got to where we are today, but it’s plainly evident for anyone to see.

We can’t blame ourselves entirely. Indeed, some of it was sheer manipulation -- a simple “word” played here to get us to do others’ bidding: Racist. Sexist. Hatemonger. Anti-Semite. Bigot. “Reactionary,” they call us, as if reacting to their nonsense is somehow wrong. “Intolerant,” they say, expecting us to tolerate the intolerable. Such words, when applied, got us to the point of constant defending, trying to prove we were not the epitome of such words, rather than freely thinking and acting on a logical path.

Perhaps, our problems can best be summarized by one word.

In a simple word, it was the “infighting,” the incessant fighting of one another, the constant bickering, that got us to where we are today. Some of it we weren’t responsible for, perhaps.

The government, in its limited wisdom (and with a few bad apples who were rotten to the core), admittedly caused some of the conflicts, pitting friends against friends, neighbors against neighbors, people against people. And all this was orchestrated so that we’d be too busy fighting amongst ourselves to be concerned about the approaching tyranny just around the corner. However, we can’t simply blame it on the government. Again, that is too simple, though convenient.

Much of conflict was caused by our egos, putting ourselves ahead of the crowd, thinking that only we had the ultimate truth, believing that all others were wrong and only needed to see our enlightened point of view. While the government may have added some fuel to the fire, if the fire was not there in first place, it wouldn’t have spread. And now the forest is raging, and one can only ask if there is enough water in all the oceans to calm it.

So, here we are again, at this point in time, where any semblance of order quickly appears to be dissipating again.

Another conflict has ensued, again, again, and again, not merely here, but in England, in Germany, and whatever lands where the European exists.

It is not for me to point out who is right, and who is wrong. Perhaps, no one is wrong, but merely have different ways of doing things. Or, perhaps, both sides are wrong, if neither can find common ground, squabbling over minor points, when the greater battle is at their feet.

It is not for me to say, but for you to think. And while you’re thinking, ask yourself this question: Do we as a people deserve to exist? I personally think we do. If this is true -- that we do deserve to exist as a people (though there are many who, undoubtedly, suggest otherwise)-- then we must ask what we’re doing wrong, because our heritage is being torn asunder.

It was many centuries ago when Cincinnatus was a general. But his one action should remain vivid in our thoughts, despite the passage of time. Similar to an old Aesop tale, he took a stick and broke it. And then he took another stick and broke it. He did this again, repeatedly. Then, he tied a bundle of sticks together. And they would not break. He then put an axe head on the bundle of sticks, and showed that it is unity that makes us strong, and individualism that makes us weak, as he headed off to win a war.

As America’s forefathers once said, “United, we stand; divided, we fall.”

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