Do Blacks Deserve Billions for Slavery?
Opinion; Posted on: 2005-03-24 14:57:14

Editor's note: The author of this mildly sarcastic editorial sure gets a lot off his chest. His words will resonate with any White person who reads this no-holds-barred treatment of an issue that keeps popping-up. A highly illustrated must-read that gets better as it progresses.

No Black Reparations without Black Repatriation

by Gregory Krupey

Reparations have already been paid to blacks in the blood of White soldiers, both Union and Confederate, killed in the Civil War, and an entire section of our country devastated and uprooted in that unnecessary war. No other country ever went to war with itself to free slaves of an alien race. None in Africa ever will.

Reparations have been repeatedly paid since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that essentially made negroes wards of the state, a Federally-protected and favored minority, through such anti-White programs as welfare/workfare, affirmative action and set-asides, quotas, Headstart, school integration, housing laws, and innumerable other grants, loans, subsidies, perks, and preferential treatments aimed at moving negroes en masse (instead of as individuals, as was expected and demanded of Whites) into "equality" and prosperity. That the vast majority of negroes have failed is proof that even with an unfair advantage they are incapable of succeeding in a White society, and the reparations now being proposed would be a colossal waste of money.

More African slaves were imported into, and died on plantations in Brazil than in the United States. There is no attempt to sue Brazil for reparations because the people directing this hoax know that you can't squeeze blood from a turnip, only a golden goose.

Most African slaves were literally sold down the river by other Africans, if not enemy tribesmen, then their own tribal chiefs and relatives. (Slavery is still practiced in many parts of Africa.) They were then sold to Europeans and Americans directly or through Arab intermediaries. Most slaves that were brought to the American colonies, and later the United States, came under the British, Dutch, or Portuguese flags. A significant number of the slave traders were Jews. Similarly, most White Americans did not own slaves, and the ancestors of many current White citizens of the USA were not even resident in the country until after the Civil War and the end of slavery. Why should the latter pay for the former's actions?

Similarly, those White Americans who did own slaves were a small number concentrated in one section of the country, and augmented by both "Native American" and "free men of color" (mulattoes) who also owned African slaves. There were also, contrary to conventional wisdom, Whites who were slaves. Why not focus the demand for reparations on the heirs and descendants of the former group and include the heirs and descendants of the latter group in the share of the proposed booty?

Contrary to negro mythology and the claims of reparations activists, America was not built on the whip-lashed back of African slave labor. The overwhelming majority of black slaves labored in the fields. They did not pioneer the land from wilderness into farms and towns, they did not build the roads, bridges, canals, railroads, and skyscrapers of our great cities. They did not mine the coal, gold, silver, copper, and other minerals. They did not smelt the ore and stoke the furnaces and pour the molten steel to create the infrastructure of America's industrial base. They did not work in the factories and turn out the abundance of products that made this country's economy the envy of the world. They did not invent the automobile, the electric light, the camera, the radio, the airplane, the television, the microscope, the computer, the rifle, the sewing machine, or anything else you care to mention with the exception of peanut butter. They did not win this country by blood and arms, striving with and defeating the British, the Indians, the Mexicans, and anyone else who stood in our way. They picked cotton! And where you can cite exceptions, this insignificant minority was paid for their time and trouble just like their White compatriots. White men built this country, not African slaves.

Those negroes who have managed to become millionaires through their dubious "talents" would also receive reparations, making fat cats like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Ophra Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Colin Powell, Spike Lee, and any hip-hop thug you could mention even richer than the free enterprise system and the bad taste of millions of people, White as well as black, have already done.

Blacks should actually pay reparations to Whites for all the damage their very presence in this country has caused. Black athletes, with their trashtalk, smashmouth, jiveass dancing fits have destroyed White standards of sportsmanship. Black styles of attire, deportment and "music" has caused a degeneration in the morals, taste, and self-identity of White youth, resulting in the pathetic creature known as the 'wigger". Black crime rates have sent the US crime rate above the national average of any other civilized (i.e., White) society, with the exception of South Africa (same problem, more of it). Interracial rape is almost entirely black male on white female, and contrary to the liberal media's propaganda, interracial "hate crimes" are overwhelmingly a black-on-white phenomenon.

Negroes have turned our once great cities into unlivable hellholes of poverty, crime, and decay. Example: downtown Detroit looks like downtown Beirut. No conventional war produced that disaster area, only the slow-motion guerilla race war that occurs wherever negroes move into any area. It is no coincidence that the gradual and general decay of American society in all areas, from manners to sexual morality to drug addiction to welfare statism to street violence to sadistic crimes to ever more vulgar "entertainment" and ever more cacophonous "music" has risen (rather, fallen) in tandem with the progress of civil rights legislation and the increasing negroization of American culture. If you think a civilization can be built and sustained on jazz, blues, bas'etball, and drive-by shootings, you can support reparations. If not, you must oppose them.

Reparations are not a moral or ethical issue, they are power politics. Most White people sense this even if they haven't given it much thought. Do you really think that those influential interests pushing for this legalized blackmail of White America don't have an ulterior motive? Even Jesse Jackson knows that putting this vast amount of money in the hands of the black masses would be worse than useless if they are allowed to spend it without direction.

The negro elite and their White liberal traitor allies have every intention of making sure this money will be directed into a specific agenda, to dispossess and undermine what remains of the White political base in this country. Reparations are but one weapon in the arsenal of that force that has long desired to transform the United States into a multiracial melting pot and Whites into a powerless, dwindling minority in their own country. This force, that controls the black elite and the White liberals, happily uses the negroes as the club with which to beat Whites senseless. Reparations are theft! Reparations are war!

At least 80% of White Americans oppose reparations. How much longer do you think Whites will tolerate this madness? More and more of us are becoming fed up with negrophile politics. While Negro thugs kidnap, rape, rob, and murder Whites out of their own homes (Wichita), attacking Whites at random, just for fun (Seattle), or rampaging and looting an entire city as a form of "protest" (Cincinnati), fools have the audacity to prattle on about reparations.

No justice, no peace? It cuts both ways. The attempt to enforce reparations for negroes could well prove the spark that finally ignites a race war, or an armed uprising. If reparations will be paid, we Whites will be compensated in return: all negroes who accept reparations must be required to surrender their American citizenship, and repatriated to the lands of their origin, without possibility of return. It is, after all, the logical outcome of African-American pride and the demands for reparations.

If being torn away from Mother Africa to serve as slaves in a foreign land was the primal catastrophe that has crippled the black psyche for so long, as many Afrocentrics have claimed, then the only solution, the only possible healing is to return to the womb land. Marcus Garvey certainly thought so. A negro-free America will be the first giant step to reclaim our stolen heritage and the resumption of our interrupted journey to greatness. As the first American Revolution was sparked by the battle cry of "No taxation without representation!", for these reasons I say, No Black Reparations without Black Repatriation.

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