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The Mob In Power
Diversity Can Only Be Countered With Brutality And War

7/28/2006 10:33:46 AM

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Bill White

Commentary -- I have recently finished some studying of the French Revolution, and in doing so I've been shocked at how closely the French Revolution resembled the Bolshevik. In fact, as I learn more and more of history and its events the more I can see the chain of destructive hatred -- the chain whose latest link is the "diversity" and "multiculturalism" of our age -- being formed over the past few hundred years. And as I study those who have fought it, what I realize is that, in those countries which have fallen into its grip, only decisive, organized, violent action against the leaders of the mob and against the government which they control has ever succeeded in saving a nation from its grip. With the problems developing in our neighbor Canada, the question of how to fight and overturn a dangerous and anti-social regime becomes critical. What we see is that only decisive acts of small scale violence against the leadership of the other faction have prevented large scale war and massacres -- a lesson that validates Alex Linder's call for the assassination of Canada's most persecutory Jews.

Destructive "anti-racist" hate starts with the invention of Catholic "Just War" doctrine by Francisco de Vitoria in the early 15th century (1), then continues through the Reformation and through the "free love" and commune- styled Protestant revolts of the 16th century into 17th century English libertinage and Cromwell, through the 18th century's American (to a lesser degree) and French Revolutions, though the 19th century's revolts of 1848, Reconstruction and Marxism, to the 20th century's Bolshevism, its "Civil Rights", and to the modern 21st century's wars for Zionism. The Jews remain a common theme behind this movement, though do not become the actors in the fore of the stage until the 19th century. One can see the Jewish Rabbis of Amsterdam financing Cromwell, publishing the literature of the libertines to undermine the French monarchy, and supporting the Protestant revolutions of Germany clearly throughout history -- though a comprehensive history of Europe's wars as one solely of Jewish conspiracy has yet to be published.

Through its manifestations the characteristics of the mob remained the same: First and foremost it opposes "racism" -- "Just War," for instance, was only a call to defend the "rights" of "Native Americans" against "exploitation" of Spanish colonialism (and it was a call that almost exactly mirrored the same calls made by Marxist revolutionaries of the mid- 20th centuries); it also opposes the predominant organized religion (Catholicism when Europe was Catholic, White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism here in America); it calls for an overthrow of all personal morality, particularly in sexual relations (look at the Anabaptist Kingdom of Munster in the early 16th century); it specifically attacks marriage and advocates abortion (heretics have done both almost since the advent of Christianity); and installs into government leaders the feeling that the pursuit of their ideals trumps any system of government or limitations imposed by law (the Bolsheviks and the latter Jacobins epitomize both). These leaders become tyrannical, begin jailing political dissidents, and proceed to the execution and then the mass execution of those who do not share their "Ideal". These governments end either in the death of millions or in the assassination of their leaders.

The knowledge that "abortion rights", "feminism", "free love", "anti- racism" and like doctrines are not products of the 20th century, but movements that can trace their roots back hundreds of years, is somewhat shocking to the average American, whose education has left them full of self-esteem but absolutely lacking in knowledge. To see revolutionaries of the 1510s advocating the same ideas as the hippies of the 1960s, and to see the French of the 1790s almost precisely mirroring and anticipating the Bolsheviks of 1917, has been somewhat of a shock even to me.

But our question, though, is not one of how these movements have been formed. It is a question of how they have been defeated. Given the fact that such movements, with the support of Jewish money, have taken power of many of the nations which govern us, and that the early phases of the Terror -- the jailing of political dissidents in preparation for the mass murder of political dissidents -- have begun, the question has become critical. How will white people once again smash the Mob?

In the beginning, the established authorities challenged by the Mob simply raised an army and crushed them. In the 1490s, Spain launched the Inquisition, smashing and expelling its "reforming" and largely pro-Islamic Jews -- and launching its nation into a "Golden Age". In 1535, the Bishop of Munster raised an army, besieged Munster, and put the Anabaptists to the Sword. In 1572, the French rose up and slaughtered their revolutionaries in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre -- and preserved France as a Catholic monarchy for another 200 years.

Those nations which acted less decisively, or, which had ethnic or other conflicts with the Church in Rome, did not fare as well. The German princes who had been conducting a several century long struggle in favor of Imperialism against the Pope generally sided with Lutheranism -- and the efforts of other German nations to smash them led to a series of conflicts culminating in the 30 Years' War. The ascension to the throne of Elizabeth, and the long running independence of England from Papal authority, led to the English Civil Wars, the attempted Spanish invasion, and the Cromwellian massacres. Wherever leaders were seduced by the promises of the Mob's Idealism, civil war and bloodshed followed; where leaders acted decisively, there were small massacres, largely denounced, but national stability and the protection of the volk.

As we approach the French Revolution we see a change, in that we begin to see the Mob empowered. In nations such as England, the Mob's representatives - - Cromwell and the Parliamentary faction -- gained control of the treasury and the army and began to promote a watered down, less "radical", but ideologically the same version of the Mob's doctrine. The revolutionaries in the Netherlands became a hot house of anti-monarchical publishing. The Republicanism of the 18th century -- the Republicanism that led to the founding of the American Republic -- was nothing more than an effort to make the Ideals of the anti-human Mob palatable by giving them the forms of the true Republics of Antiquity. Just as Catholicism was informed by a mixture of Semitic and anti-Semitic, Traditional viewpoints, Enlightenment Republicanism was a blend of Semitic (Mob) and anti-Semitic, Traditional Republicanism.

The English Revolutions gave a lesser version of Republicanism an Army; the American version of Republicanism was so conservative in nature as to be unrecognizable to the truly "revolutionary"; it was France that gave the Mob its first real form.

In France, King Louis XVI had not been particularly tyrannical -- in fact, he had been a weak king who largely indulged, if not endorsed, the viewpoint of the Paris Mob (there was an institution called "the Mob"), the Commune and the later revolutionary government. It was the moral inability of Louis XVI to order his soldiers to fire on the revolutionaries (his practical inability did not develop until later) that caused his demise. Had he been willing to launch a second St Bartholemew and slaughter a few hundred, he would have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. But he didn't, and he was guillotined for it.

The lesson is that the Mob has never successfully overthrown strong authority. It has only ever triumphed when the existing authorities have refused to take immediate and decisive measures against it. Only when it phony ideals of "liberty" have developed "tolerance" for it has it been able to win.

After the overthrow of the French Monarchy, the various factions of the Mob -- the Girondins, similar in many ways to the Mensheviks, the Maratists and Hebertists, similar to the anarchist factions of the French Revolution, and Danton, occupying a position vis a vis Robespierre similar to that of Trotsky to Lenin -- took power in Parliament and began butchering each other. As Civil War raged in the provinces, Terror took hold of Paris. The City of Lyons was partially raised and thousands of its citizens put to the sword. Some French Revolutionaries took particularly pleasure in butchering children, massacring hundreds of them at a time -- one even wrote a small letter explaining his philosophy of it. Mass murder not to be repeated until the scenes of Bolshevism followed. While those areas that took up arms and did not surrender saw the terrors of war -- witness the Vendee -- those that capitulated to Mob authority saw the terrors of genocide. The lesson to us is that war and revolution are better than complaisancy in our own genocide.

Going into the 19th century we see the emergence of communism -- modeled by its now "liberated" (thanks to Napoleon) Jewish leaders on the revolutionary commune they had financed in Paris the century before. With communism we see the development of modern "terrorism", with the assassination of leaders and the bombing of public facilities. And, of course, we see this culminating in the terror of the early 20th century's Bolshevik Revolution.

Coming in to the 20th Century we see one force dominating the world -- that is Britain, financed by the Jews controlling its Bank of London, on a mission to dominate all world trade and smash all economic rivals outside the Western Hemisphere. Acting on this philosophy, and noting that most of its developing rivals are monarchies (Germany and Russia in particular), it allows communist revolution to spread in Europe as a means of undermining its opponents. Britain starts the First World War to stop Germany from becoming a dominant economic power on the Continent. In doing so, she overturns the Austrian, German and Russian monarchies. Russia, in particular, becomes so weakened by the war (defeated, in fact), that its government cannot stand against its organized Jewish parliament. The Jews take power, the British, under influence of the Jewish brethren of the Bolsheviks, finance them, and Russia goes communist. Tens of millions die.

Germany, too, is rent by revolution, as is Italy and much of Europe. France is unable to resist and soon sees the constant turmoil of the Jew Blum alternating government every few months with "conservative" opponents. Jews take power in Bavaria, Hungary and a number of other nations briefly, and conduct small terrors, before force and violence brings them back under control. The Mob, once fronted by gentiles, becomes explicitly racially alien -- and the racially alien elements that have always financed it step forward to become its leaders. The center of reaction develops in National Socialist Germany.

The Germans immediately did what every other nation which has defeated the Mob has done -- they imprison its leaders and rendered them powerless. If Germany can be faulted, it can be faulted for not immediately executing and massacring those leaders as well. By being too humane to the enemies of humanity, it allowed these parasitical elements to survive the war and resume their internationalist hatred afterwards.

Britain, still clinging to its commercial interest doctrine, not seeing its futility, and still influenced by its Jewish banks, declares war on Germany. Russia equivocates, as Stalin waits to see which way the wind blows. Stalin ascension to power in Russia ended the Revolutionary period there -- the chaos was over and a genocidal dictator was in power. The early Bolsheviks would not have hesitated and signed a peace treaty before declaring war on the Germans.

When the war was over the Mob -- the same brutal, genocidal Mob that scourged Paris and St Petersburg -- began revolutions against the nations that had supported it in its destruction of Germany. The Civil Rights uprisings in the United States, the armed communist revolutions in the Third World, and the overthrow of the successful white governments of Southern Africa -- mirroring the overthrow of the successful white governments of the Caribbean during the French Revolution -- all came as a direct result of the war.

The trouble for the Mob is that much of the Western World, already half way to the Mob's philosophy through their own Republican governments, did not provide an easy target for them. They found themselves fighting against older and less decadent versions of their own philosophy. The sharp contrasts that existed when they fought the "dictatorships" and the monarchies was not there.

In those countries which were monarchies or dictatorships -- such as China, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Latin American nations that faced communist revolution -- the Mob took on its classical form, and committed atrocities that were only stopped by leaders brave enough to massacre and assassinate their "tolerant" and "diverse" opponents. But in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, the mob took on a new form.

First, the Mob became organized Jewry, and became part of the governing system, rather than enemies outside of it. Because of this, the mob was only allowed to engage in limited chaos -- mass street attacks on political dissidents were (and are) permitted, but mass insurrections against the governing authorities were not. After the Jews achieved their objective of overturning segregation and formal legal racism in the United States, they immediately cut off funding to the Negro rioters they had supported.

Similarly, once Europe's governments had gone sufficiently "left", the Jews cut off support to their various Red terrorists as well.

In America, the form of the revolution was different because the Mob was composed almost entirely of an alien ethnicity. Instead of the ethnic French criminal class that terrorized the ethnic French monarchy, we had an almost entirely black criminal class terrorizing an almost entirely white establishment. This weakened the ability of the Jew to create change on the scale scene in the ethnically homogenous European nations.

The fact that the Terror has advanced more slowly in the West, where the changes that had already occurred to the power structure weakened the ability of the Jews to create revolutionary fervor, does not mean that it has not advanced, and is not still advancing. The recent arrests of American political dissidents that have come with the political changes of the past decade -- and the particular upswing in political repression in our neighbor Canada -- should be cause for alarm.

The Terror has always worked by isolating leaders from their base of support, then executing those leaders. In France, Robespierre would first arrest the supporters of his parliamentary opponents, then, when they had no political friends left to support them, he would arrest the leaders themselves. The Bolsheviks acted similarly, first isolating one faction in the parliament, then another, until all factions had been exterminated.

In the US, the Jew has followed the same practice, by first isolating the more extreme "racist" elements from the more "conservative" ones, persuading the "conservatives" that the "extremists" cannot win. We witness this daily when we see politicians attacked as "racist" or "anti-Semitic" in the press. The fact is that the base of the American people are extreme -- if they thought they could win, they would rise up behind any strong and outspoken leader. But moderation is always viewed as weakness, and by keeping the opposition "moderate", while allowing roving mobs of anarchists and Negroes to riot in the street without criticism, the Jew power structure isolates its opponents.

Isolation is then followed by imprisonment, and imprisonment by execution. The arrests of political dissidents in Canada for merely speaking out is experimental. The attempt to have Alex Linder arrested is extremely experimental. As the Canadians become more successful, we will see Jews like Richard Warman calling for more blood, until he outright demands the execution of his opponents, just as the Jew Alan Dershowitz has demanded the torture of political dissidents in the United States.

We must recognize that the end of our opponents is to murder us all. They have only not done so because they do not believe that they can succeed. We must not be so moderate with them.

Linder is correct when he calls for the assassination of the Canadians and the Jews responsible for the arrest of Winnicki. He is correct when he calls for an uprising against Canada's authorities. And it is correct for all Americans to provide to our Canadian brethren whatever material is necessary for them to effect an uprising against their government.

The presence of a petty tyranny such as Canada on our borders is a danger to our nation. Their encroachments on their people's civil liberties threatens each of us as white Americans. Because as their government grows more tyrannical, it incites the elements in our government that would follow them, and as the Jews sees their experiments in Canada succeeding, they are emboldened to follow the same here.

Mob rule in Canada can only be stopped by immediate targeted acts of violence against those who lead the mob. Absent such revolutionary violence, we are only counting the days until Canadian blood runs in its streets as the blood of the "counter-revolutionaries" flowed in revolutionary Paris and St Petersburg.


(1) I know Catholics are going to argue that "Just War" came from Aquinas, et cetera. It didn't. It had no force or power outside of heretical anti- Catholic movements under Vitoria codified it.


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