Did Arabs Accidentally Get Canned Pork By Mistake?
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-13 15:14:29

"Uh we produce... 25% of all beef, pork and chicken"

The "Case of the Double Labels" is still under investigation, but a spokesperson for the company that makes the product called "Hill Country Fare Bacon Grill Lucheon Meat" -- an HEB house brand -- did confirm from the canned meats markings are that of pork.

The can and labels were produced by food giant Tyson Foods.

What can't be explained is how an Arabic label for "Al Haloub Cow" brand was underneath the Hill Country label.

Archie Schaffer III is Senior VP of External Relations at Tyson Foods' headquarters in Arkansas.

He confirmed that an investigation is underway at the company's Houston plant.

"(The) Product is indeed pork...rather than beef," he said.

Tyson produces and labels both products in the same Houston facility.

When asked if pork could have gotten into the wrong can he said "...well of course it could. I mean, uh, any time, you know...uh we produce... 25% of all beef, pork and chicken (in the US)...of course it's possible that every now and then you're gonna make a mistake..."

"It appears we made a mistake in this instance and somehow got that other label on this can..."

Schaffer admits the possibility the wrong product could have gotten in the wrong can, but says flatly that "didn't" happen.

He could not explain how he knows for sure.

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