Devil's Advocate: The Chinese Have Guts
Report; Posted on: 2006-10-05 09:41:17

While America attacks China for chilling convict organ program, the US is the only advanced nation with no socialized healthcare system, and has a prison industrial complex to rival Red China

On occasion, V-News publishes articles highlighting various Chinese practices that Whites see as barbaric, sickening and downright evil, such as the Chinese attitude towards animals. One of these practices is the Red Chinese program of selling the body parts of executed prisoners, an issue which "human rights" groups in the West have pointed to as evidence of Chinese backwardness.

Our intention in running such articles is not to make fun of the Chinese, and certainly not to demean their millenia-old civilization as "inferior" to White civilization. What we intend to highlight are the profound, and irreconcilable differences between Whites and Chinese: our racially-determined value systems are vastly different, no matter what mega-corporations like Wal-Mart, multicultists and others may say. As Rudyard Kipling said, "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet."

We also do not intend to somehow justify the gross abuses carried out in the West by "our" own rulers, who often point to China's "human rights record" to cover up their own, even as they do roaring business with the Middle Kingdom. Unlike the Chinese, "our" rulers' behavior is hypocritical: even as Bush preaches about "democracy" and "human rights" he undermines and destroys our hard-won freedoms. Such individuals have no right to criticize anyone.

Image: Chinese word for "devil." Whites are often referred to as "long-nosed foreign devils."

As for prisons, the United States ("land of the free") has the world's highest incarceration rate, at 724 people per 100,000. China -- a Communist nation -- is next on the list, at 118 per 100,000.

A Chinese who is a reader of V-News sent us the following, which will be of interest to our critically-minded readers. The interest of both civilizations is in separation and mutual respect:

In Response to BBC China organ story

I would like to point out the fact “ability to pay” is a compelling factor in [the US] organ transplant industry, no less so than China. In US the uninsured are left out of the organ wait list, while the rich go on wait list and receive organs in days or weeks, too.

It is refered to as “wallet biopsy”. 2004 clinical data from shows thousands of patients in US (top 10% of wait list) averaged a 10 day wait period for liver transplant.

Does that mean [the US also is] selling organs?

As to the BBC reporter’s claim that it’s not possible for the condemned in China to consent to donation, I would like to point out that China is not the only country that allows the death row inmate to donate organ. In US it is allowed on a case-by-case basis.

For reference, here’s a report I found in the Chinese media, about a guy who turned himself in for killing his wife’s lover. Before he was to pay with his life, he decided to donate his organ as last act of redemption, and willed the organ donation compensation fund paid by the state to the victim’s family. In his interview he indicated the reason he called for press is to help bring awareness to organ donation in China:

Many such cases exist in China:

Some people would simply disregard Chinese media’s reporting about themselves, insisting on what they know about China, like Buddhist culture and people’s desire to die “whole” (probably learned from the movie “The Last Emperor”.)

It probably is still true to some degree, but folks forget most Chinese are not criminals. Does one really believe “wholeness” applies to criminals in Buddhism? Above article demonstrates a common rationale for the condemned to consent to organ donation - the Buddhist desire for redemption.

Chinese culture and Buddhist religious foundation makes organ donation difficult to promote. However the condemned often seek redemption and last act of contribution to family and society, under the same cultural and religious foundation.

Yes, the Chinese government’s organ donation compensation fund seems to be directed at this population, but its aim is to promote organ donation by the population at large.

You may find faults in it, as there do exist isolated cases of abuse contrary to the law stated. But who are [you] to deny their reality, and self-righteously accuse them with [your] western sensitivity?

I believe it is fair to say this issue is not only debatable, the Chinese are debating it - as the above search engine results show a range of opinions.

To me this really demonstrates that China’s problems isn’t all that black and white. China too has their dilemmas and choices, and their own history to evaluate (and overcome).

In contrast, to condemn China with emotionally satisfying conclusion only serves ones ego, I submit.

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