Desperate Jewish News Outlets Abandoning Last Pretenses of Honesty
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-10-18 23:59:07 reports that "Hundreds of White Supremacists Riot" in Toledo, Ohio after virtually exclusively black mob seizes on brief, peaceful appearance of two dozen Sturmabteilung-costumed "nazis" to burn, loot and smash private property.
by Neil Camberly

Whether they're separated by religions, languages, hundreds of years, thousands of miles, or billions of white dollars vainly attempting to build civility into their "culture," most black males of south and west African extraction have distinctly identical body language, think the same way, and do the same thing as soon as they perceive their numbers to impart individual immunity from law enforcement reprisal: they rape, rob, loot, and riot.

But the ethnic group whose supremacy depends on preserving the total atomization, division, and racial ignorance of European Americans would have you think otherwise. As media-equalizing technology proliferates, the losing war they're fighting will yield many more desperate frauds such as this headline announcing that "hundreds of white supremacists" "rioted" in Toledo, Ohio.

At least they wrote 'supremacist' in place of the favorite establishment non-word 'supremist.'

Blacks Riot and Loot in Toledo

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