The Necessity of Invasion
Opinion; Posted on: 2006-07-20 19:38:46

by Dan Osterton

Imagine that tomorrow we woke up and all the non-Whites were gone from America, Europe, and Australia. Crime rates plummet. No more tax dollars wasted on welfare and entitlement programs for races that would see us destroyed. Things would be much better indeed.

And yet all would not be well. White guilt, lack of comraderie, and materialism would continue. Though a growing number of us have been awakened already, many Whites have not. Even those Whites who had begun to awaken to the truth of racial differences might slip back into everyday life, losing their racial consciousness. White civilization would still be subject to the next wave of non-White invaders, because many Whites would have never learned the truth about race.

In generations past, racial awareness was encouraged by society. It is natural to prefer and seek the company one's own race. Even today, wherever multicultural dogma is not enforced, Whites tend to associate with their own kind. If we hadn't allowed Jews and other non-Whites into our societies and to corrupt our healthy awareness of racial differences, our people wouldn't need such a dangerous wake-up call as we do today.

Ironically, the Jews and their collaborators have been unable to eliminate the sense of racial awareness in Whites; they can only work to pervert it. Though we are an open-minded and kind people, it is obvious to us just looking at non-Whites in large concentrations that the races are very different. But after so many years of anti-White propaganda in education, media, and government, our enemies have been able twist that awareness into the lie that our race is innately evil. In other words, what would have naturally grown into White racial pride has been corrupted into White self-hatred instead. How many 'wiggers', White members of Anti-Racist Action, and other Whites who hate their own race could have been steered in the direction of racial pride if they had not been corrupted by the 'multi-cult' all their lives?

But the truth of racial differences emerges nonetheless. As our enemies have opened wider the floodgates of non-Whites into our lands, more and more Whites open their eyes. They have begun to see non-whites as they really are: different from us both ethically and morally. They have begun to see where the real loyalties of our supposed leaders lie. Ironically, the Zionist and corporate plans for a raceless America have already begun to backfire. Five years ago, it was very difficult to discuss pro-White politics with most unawakened Whites. Today, bring up the issue of the Mexican invasion and most are very receptive.

If you are already awakened to the truth of racial differences, ask yourself how you became so. Most of us lacked the racially-aware upbringing that our ancestors had. And yet, being exposed to non-whites first-hand is what has made the vast majority of White Nationalists who we are today. We learned how important race is and we have cast aside all senseless beliefs to the contrary. The only sticky point for us now is how many Whites still await awakening.

Which brings us back to the brown invasion of America. It IS forcing many Whites to see through the establishment's lies and recognize racial realities. This invasion is very dangerous. It is a terrible shame that we must suffer the outrages that non-Whites are inflicting on us. Nevertheless, the invasion is dispelling the Jewish and corporate lie that we are all "equal." The end result will be a mass awakening of Whites to racial reality. The invasion is necessary.

Make no mistake about it, our enemies are utterly fallible. The Jews could have blended into mainstream society after World War II and lived like our people in the wonderful society White people had created. But they couldn't help themselves; they had to attack that society. As they continue to destroy our nation and others, Whites become increasingly aware of their evil mischief. And as they try to intensify their oppression of us, it becomes increasingly clear that they are terrified of us, because the invasion they have precipitated is waking us up. We need only continue spreading the word.

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