Court to Tookie: No Thanks, Snitch
Report; Posted on: 2005-12-12 03:01:12

Racist Black gang-leader running out of options

Whites are warned to stay out of Black areas in the week of December 11-18 (2005).

A request by lawyers for Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips founder slated for death this week, that he be granted a stay of execution, was unanimously rejected by the California Supreme Court. Tookie was asking that his case be reopened because he had not been allowed to rat off a fellow criminal as the "real" culprit in the 1979 trial which saw him convicted of four racial murders in the Los Angeles area. With this defeat, the only obstacles to Tookie's date with destiny in the dreaded San Quentin Green Room are a long-shot federal appeal and a possible Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger grant of clemency. Schwarzenegger knuckling under is seen by some observers as highly unlikely, given the fact that non-Black Californians overwhelmingly support Tookie's execution.

Tookie, who posed as a "man of honor" to excuse his unwillingness to aid investigators in gang cases, despite his supposed "conversion," surprised observers by offering to break the jail-house "code" and snitch off his confederate. In an interview with Newsweek published shortly before the court hearing, Tookie declared he would never become a stool pigeon. "...I will not, I will never do anything to cause harm to any human being on the face of this planet. If I feel that opening my mouth will harm another human being, it does not matter who they are, what their color or creed is. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. That is something I have vowed to God. My vow to God is more important than what I say to any human being on the face of this earth."

Tookie and his "supporters" -- who include such luminaries as "Snoop Doggie Dogg," a former Crip rapper who was himself acquitted in a murder case -- have followed a "two-track" strategy to save the gang-lord. On the one hand, Tookie is lauded as "reformed," encouraging children to eschew drugs and gangs. He allegedly "authored" a series of barely-literate "children's books" and was repeatedly nominated for, of all things, Nobel Prizes. (Anyone may nominate anyone for such Prizes.) On the other hand, the Crips, which authorities allege Tookie still runs from death row, and other Blacks, have threatened mass violence if Tookie dies. "Rallies" staged to call for saving Tookie have attracted gang members, two of whom were shot -- one fatally -- after a November (2005) rally outside San Quentin prison.

Tookie co-founded the Crips street gang in the aftermath of anti-Asian Black violence in Los Angeles. He murdered a White clerk, Albert Owens and three Chinese people, later boasting that he murdered Owens "because he was white and [Tookie] was killing all white people."

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