Controlled Media: Forget the Facts About Katrina
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-28 18:09:37

PC spinners attempt to radically revise the truth

The controlled media have shown once again their increasing irrelevance and ideological impotence to the American public in actually criticizing themselves for their coverage of the Katrina nightmare. What White America saw, along with the world, was the death of the lie of multiracial America as New Orleans died amidst plundering, murder and rape. So damaging were the events that the media is now attempting to tell us that things “weren’t so bad” after all. To work this clumsy parlor trick they are focusing on a few events, even as the powers-that-be fiddle with figures. Now, we are told, the death toll in the dreaded Superdome stands at “only” ten, and “only” two of those were murder victims. Likewise, cops have not “confirmed” widespread reports of rape in the stadium itself. Similar reports at the nearby convention center scene are also said to be exaggerated. Instead, the media are blaming themselves for reacting without properly checking claims. Despite the fact that the news only relates to the two sites, we are expected to forget what we, and the planet, saw: the looting Blacks, some of whom were cops, the gross federal incompetence, the racial attacks on Whites, and the near-total loss of the city of New Orleans.

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There are powerful forces at work to cover up the facts. The Bush regime and its Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff want to downplay the lack of federal response. State and local officials don’t want to admit that their jurisdictions are rife with corruption and amateurishness. And politically-correct ideologues in the media and elsewhere are constitutionally incapable of realizing the fact of Black criminality on such a massive scale. In short, we are undergoing a spin cycle borne out of desperation.

The feds began their spin early on, blaming Louisiana Governor Blanco and local officials for lack of preparation. When questions were raised about manifest federal shortcomings Bush blamed White “racism” while Chertoff engineered the resignation of an underling.

Now local officials will be coming under scrutiny. Originally it was claimed that one-third of the New Orleans police force deserted their posts. Yet now the number slotted to face a review panel amounts to “only” 15% of the city’s police officers. However, federal officials are believed to be investigating the situation on the suspicion that the reason for the discrepancy is that the additional no-shows never existed; they were listed on the books as part of a corrupt skimming operation. When New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass (who claimed to have nearly been taken hostage in the now-suddenly-peaceful Superdome) resigned from his post he gave no indication of his reasons, or explanation of the revised desertion figures.

There was also a half-hearted leftist attempt at spin that went nowhere when it was apparent that the argument was stupid.

The spin is sloppy but nothing better is to be expected out of the bankrupt, corrupt elites in times of serious crisis. The UK government was caught with its pants down in the wake of the 7/7 Muslim tube and bus bombings, when it was found to have just such a spin plan in place before the attacks to attempt to reduce “racial tensions” when the inevitable Muslim outrage occurred. (Even though the system itself expected and planned for just such an event, it had no shame in indicting British National Party leader Nick Griffin for warning about the very same thing). As a result, the first victim named was Jewish, and no photo seemed to appear in the press that did not include a non-White. Pakistani cops were also photo staples in the post-bombing propaganda offensive. Even Her Majesty the Queen appeared next to a Muslim woman in a headscarf on the day of the attacks. And the ongoing PC campaign includes pro-Muslim “services” at government-run churches, cops wearing Muslim battle colors, and police harassment of veterans for flying their nation's flag in their own gardens.

We should expect to see an increase in Katrina-didn't-happen propaganda. We should also know that this is a sign of the system's weakness, not its strength. And, until they manage to shut us down, is here to expose it.

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