Conservatives; They Refuse to Call It What It Really Is: Genocide
Opinion; Posted on: 2003-09-04 11:40:01

Letter from reader:

For many years, I've been trying to persuade American conservatives to charge GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, regarding U.S. immigration policies, BUT TO NO AVAIL!

Maybe it's the water, or stupidity, or cowardice.

To: [email protected]
Subject: (Fwd) Immigration Effects Genocide And Culturicide

September 4, 2003

Dear David Orland,

Re: "Brigitte Bardot’s Cry In The Silence"

Maybe you can fully comprehend this fact about immigration of people of color from the Third World:

1612) The most powerful defense against Marxian Jews' anti-white/anti-Western immigration, refugee and asylum policies is to charge them with GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the white race and its Western civilization.

For many years, I've been trying to persuade American conservatives to charge GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, regarding U.S. immigration policies, BUT TO NO AVAIL!

Maybe it's the water, or stupidity, or cowardice.

Do you see it?:

White Western democracies' defense against immigration of people and cultures of color ought to be this:

None same-race immigration into white nation- states in the West amounts to an eventual GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of white Western cultures ((not to mention that immigration of people of color is TERRORISM against whites)).

From my collection of thoughts on America's steep moral/cultural decline, "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":


893) White Americans are witnessing their own GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE by people of color, and white conservative columnists are COWARDLY not to take the issue DIRECTLY to their readers.

1004) Marxian Jews' GENOCIDE MOVEMENT against white Christian America began in the Fifties, when the feds FORCE-INTEGRATED blacks into whites' public schools and communities, then Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965 halted white immigration to a trickle while opening the floodgates to men of color from all over the world--ensuring and end to white Western civilization in North America.

1016) One must necessarily be RACIST to protect one's race from GENOCIDE.

1076) Few today understand that the term "racism" is M-O-S-T-L-Y APPLIED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE for a specific sociological/cultural/political purpose: the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of whites and their civilization.

1082) Immigration, refugee and asylum policies apply TERRORISM to America whenever they are used to import warring factions from other lands or races dissimilar to the nation's founding race, which latter case effects a GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the founding race and culture.

1088) White Americans shall continue to lose their race and culture to Marxian Jews social/ utopian machinations if white elites in politics and media do not NAME THAT BEAST: MARXIAN JEWS; and NAME THE DAMAGE it is effecting: GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of white Western civilization.

1281) Webster's New World Encyclopedia, 1992, defines "genocide" as "Deliberate and systematic destruction of a national, racial, religious, political, cultural, ethnic, or other group defined by the exterminators as undesirable," which definition describes the impact Third World immigration - legal and illegal - is having on every white Western democracy.

1350) It cannot be repeated often enough, until you fully see it, that MULTICULTURALISM is MULTIRACIALISM, is ANTI-WHITE/ANTI- WESTERN GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of white Western civilization, effected through non-white immigration and forced integration.

1617) Regarding genocide of whites, they comprise only 13% of the world's population, and demographic studies indicate that that population is rapidly declining from interracial marriages, abortions and low birth rates, as compared with the other races.


132) Whenever politicians glowingly refer to America as a melting pot, they're promoting RACIAL MONGRELIZATION of the founding race and culture of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION, which amounts to a GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the WHITE RACE.

215) What does "LOVE GROUP" mean? It is any left-wing organization fighting majoritarian interests. Such groups are run by the most cunning and evil social engineers, "loving" you and American civilization to death while rightists retreat from leftists' clever name-calling label, "hater," fearing hand-to-hand combat with liberals. Marxist/socialist/feminist LOVE GROUPS are hell-bent on dismantling white Western civilization by enslaving it to the needs of all the world's races---by shipping them to here and by United Nation's redistribution of Western wealth, until everyone on earth is equally accommodated with food, clothes and housing (this is their sick, utopian dream). And which dismantlement requires the racial mongrelization -- the GENOCIDE -- of the white race via forced integration of diverse tribes into white communities, using unbridled legal and illegal immigration to that evil end. President Clinton's 1999 proclamation that "[W]e prepare for the day when the United States will have no single race or ethnic majority" could not be more clear. Marxist/socialist/feminists are preparing the white founding race for its inevitable BROWNING--for the genetic/cultural dumbing-down of its heritable talents and unparalleled civilization.

344) IMMIGRATION, REFUGEE, and ASYLUM policies in Canada and America ARE BEING USED to effect the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the white race in NORTH AMERICA--to create a borderless free-trade market for greedy capitalists and a one-world socialist State for utopian Marxists; both camps requiring forced integration and racial mongrelization to effect.

395) Most whites, especially white women, haven't a clue as to the nature or the extent or the long-term ramifications of this immigration-driven genocide and culturicide of America’s founding white Western civilization in North America.

400) So long as anti-immigration groups do not frame their arguments in terms of the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the founding race and culture of white Western civilization, they'll lose the debate--and their nation.

401) WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY, the founding race and culture of America, suffers a foreign government on its soil: the United Nations. It is comprised of ANTI- WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN tribes, committed to abolishing your Constitution, sovereignty, and way of life--for establishing "Third Way" Global Economic Socialism. It and your federal government effect your destruction by the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of your white race; a GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE caused by pro-U.N./anti-white immigration, refugee and asylum policies, which policies settle the United Nation's REPRESENTATIVE RACES into every white community, through the auspices of the State Department and the logistics of the Catholic Charities organization (and other religious organizations).

776) Use the terms "GENOCIDE" and "CULTURICIDE" to defend your white race and Western culture--or lose them to Marxian Jews' communistic UNIVERSALISM and EGALITARIANISM.

814) We are witnessing whites' GENOCIDE THROUGH ATTRITION, as white men must now compete with indigenous Negroids, Native Indians, and Latinos - and immigrant men of color pouring in from everywhere else - for their own white women, and while socialist-/mongrelist-minded Hollywood studios, television networks and ad agencies advance the cause of ANTI-WHITE INTERRACIALISM by increasingly pairing white females with any type of man but a white one--to socialize/indoctrinate white females into accepting what once was a near- universal taboo in white civil society.

846) Clever Marxian Jews charge whites with attempted genocide of blacks if welfare is cut back, but see no GENOCIDE in FORCE-INTEGRATING people of color into white communites--forcing the RACIAL MONGRELIZATION of the WHITE RACE

936) In Marxian Jews' pursuit of perfect egalitarianism, which includes effecting a genocide of the white race through racial mongrelization, when may we expect to see a slope-headed Hmong male coupled as a Hollywood leading man to a blond, blue-eyed white woman?

1005) THERE IS NOTHING INEFFECTUAL about importing non-white children for adoption into white families, as the long-term impact for whites is GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE.

1013) Race had been of utmost importance to Marxian Jews whenever WASPish politicians tried to cut back aid for black welfare queens in the Sixties and Seventies, charging an attempted GENOCIDE of blacks by whites, yet now they fervently argue that races do not exist while they push for whites' GENOCIDE through immigration of non-whites into every white community, and daily peddle racial mongrelization ads in mass media to breakdown mental barriers to miscegenation.

1045) Mongrelists argue that blacks and whites are brothers under the skin, which statement may be better understood if one accepts that pitbulls and poodles are brothers under the skin; a corollary for helping mongrelists understand why white racists fear polluting their gene pool with the intellectual and temperament potentials of a pit-bull, and why shallow-brained propositions from the Left about black/white equality serve no useful purpose but to deceive, and to commit genocide against the white race.

1075) Charges of RACISM against whites are a clever ruse effected by Marxian Jews, who use that name-calling term to keep whites on the defensive and mask the on-going GENOCIDE of the WHITE RACE, as whites' racism is a SOUNDLY LOGICAL response--for protecting their threatened gene pool from Marxists' FORCED INTEGRATION of anti-white people of color into white Western democracies, using anti-white/anti-Western immigration, refugee and asylum policies to that evil end.

1096) "Multiculturalism" is code for "Get Whitey!"--for committing genocide against the architects of Western civilization.

1107) Who is assimilating whom, as men among people of color choose to seduce and impregnate white women in every white Western democracy, and as pro- immigrationists IGNORANTLY tout the benefits of whites "assimilating" incoming waves of people of color; an ongoing genocide and culturicide of white Western civilization by people of color.

1119) Marxian Jews argue that private and public businesses and organizations ought to "look like America," which means proportional and non-meritocratic hiring of non-white workers, according to group representation in the community, but which effort has led to extreme under-representation of white males in many government and private job categories--starting after Marxian Jews began to use the Immigration Act of 1965 to make America look like the Marxist-oriented United Nations; a COMMUNIST-INSPIRED GENOCIDE of the white race in America .

1124) Is it utter stupidity, or cleverness, in Federal Reserve chairman Greenspan to warn that curbing immigration would harm the housing boom while ignoring ubiquitous complaints about urban "sprawl" (a PC code word for immigration), which is depleting resources and badly impacting our quality of life, not to mention effecting the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION?

1272) OPEN LETTER TO BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY: Maybe white Brits understand the term "genocide," as that's exactly what multiculturalism is about ("multiculturalism" is PC code for multiracialism)--is about the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of whites and their culture. The BNP might do better in recruiting whites if it NEVER LET UP on the GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE aspects of MULTI-RACIALISM. Third World immigration IS ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN terrorism.

1344) How should white males respond to this ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN genocide and culturicide within their own civilization?

1406) Intermarriage and "acculturation" of the non-white groups - of these arriving keep-my-culture Third World men, who lust after white females (thank Pamela Anderson and Baywatch, which is the most popular TV show for men of color in the Third World) - have effected a beginning GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE of the white race in America, because culture springs directly from the heritable proclivities and talents of a homogeneous gene pool.

1508) Anti-war/anti-Bush protestors' demonstrations against a probable U.S. war with Iraq are organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), which is a COMMUNIST/STALINIST-based network, begun by Marxian Jews, and which works toward the racial mongrelization of white Western democracies by demanding open-borders immigration and GLOBAL ECONOMIC SOCIALISM--works to effect the GENOCIDE of the white race and Culturicide of the meritocratic/capitalistic West.

1562) Very few whites see it clearly, that the 20th century's Sixties Revolution has not subsided in the 21st, as Marxian Jews - the architects of that anything-goes revolution and its nation-destroying socialism - continue to dismantle white civil societies, using ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN immigration, refugee and asylum policies within them, in order to effect minority racial status upon whites in their own nation-states (minority status in America by the middle of this new century and in Great Britain within 75 years if liberal immigration policies are not radically changed to protect whites' racial/cultural integrity); a CULTURICIDE and GENOCIDE of white Western civilization; a purposeful destruction of the democratic ideas "majority rule," "will of the people" and "self-determination."

1605) The State Department has a working relationship with Catholic Charities, as part of its general "Diversity Lottery Program" for immigration, as well as working closely with the U.N. on resettling Third Worlders in too-white communities across America. State, Catholic Charities and the U.N. work toward mongrelization of the white race in America, which effort ought to cause conservatives to use the charge of GENOCIDE as a defense against it. But, no, they haven’t used it. Isn't that Curious? Charging GENOCIDE is the best defense against Third World immigration.

1646) OPEN LETTER TO MIXED-RACE COLUMNIST MICHELLE MALKIN: Immigration plus racial diversity equals terrorism. Do you not see the connection between increasing racial diversity and increasing terrorism in white Western democracies? Do you oppose terrorism? If so, then you ought to oppose – fight against - what feeds it. No? Aristotle had warned against racial diversity in societies, some 2300 years ago. Do you agree with him? Given today's asylum, refugee and immigration policies – in every white Western democracy - the white race suffers an ongoing GENOCIDE. No?

1648) Marxian Jews have advanced their agenda by acting like a schoolyard bully against majority interests, keeping whites in a constant state of fear of public ridicule, using their control of media and entertainment industries - and their name-calling wrath expressed through them - to keep on bullying; a phenomenon quite common on school playgrounds, where the bully (and possibly a gang) controls the rest, so long as no one (or more) among the majority bloodies his nose; a lesson for right-wingers who have sat on their hands while left-wingers trashed whites' race and Western civilization during the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties; and they still sit on their hands, impotent and emasculated about their own GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE.

1651) On the morning of May 19, 2003, NBC’s Katie Couric had given a report on sperm banks, featuring, firstly, a single/blonde/blue-eyed female searching for a BROWN sperm donor then, secondly, a mixed-race married couple (he's mixed-breed Filipino and sterile; she's white/blonde/blue-eyed--and wants to please him) searching for a sperm donor that will fit his FILIPINO heritage. The producers of that piece had purposely chosen subjects whose racial circumstances would inflame white males, no doubt. This scribbler keeps writing to movers and shakers on the right, trying to persuade them to use the charge of GENOCIDE to combat leftists' immigration and diversity policies. That is whites' best, most powerful weapon after bloody revolution.

1688) White conservatives fail to note in speeches and writings on contemporary American civilization that a STEALTH GENOCIDE is taking place against their WHITE RACE; a fatal surrender to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and liberals' mongrelization plans for whites.

1693) Why don't mainstream conservative writers in the U.S. use the idea "genocide of the white race" to defend against open-borders immigration from the Third World? It's a perfectly logical defense, and powerfully so. It's cowardly of them not to point out what is clearly true for whites in the U.S.

1724) Whites' most powerful defense against multiracial immigration is GENOCIDE of the white race, as multiracial immigration DOES PUT GENOCIDAL pressure on whites' gene pools within white Western democracies. Even the U.N.'s definition of genocide fits what's happening to white civil societies throughout the West.

1778) Clear majorities over the decades have opposed immigration waves, yet we conservatives are defenseless against the wishes of low-wage-hungry plutocrats on the Right and come-one-come-all communists on the Left. The only clear defense of majority will on the matter of immigration is to charge that GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE are being applied against the founding race and culture of WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION in America.

If you have a clue about why rightists do not make the charge GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, please send a note of explanation.

Best Regards,


P.S. The Underlying Psychology of Political Affiliation

Why Conservatives Fail to Win the Culture Wars

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