Colorado: 57 Refugees Have Felony Records
News; Posted on: 2005-09-11 01:07:37

News report: Nearly 500 blacks tried to pass through airport security with guns and/or knives.

Denver's reports that when the electricity went out for two days at the New Orleans Airport, evacuees were screened with hand wands. During the screenings, the Transportation Security Administration confiscated more than 82 firearms, 400 knives and 250 other prohibited items, such as razors and boxcutters.

When the refugees arrived at Denver International Airport, Police began collecting names, social security numbers and did background checks. Of the 873 refugees in Colorado, 57 were found to have felony criminal records, including assaults, theft, sex offenses and murder.

According to, the refugees received new identity cards on Friday, issued by the Denver Sheriff's Department. The cards are required to get free meals and bus rides and to cash social security and FEMA checks.

"We're producing id. cards for them..." said Captain Craig Meyer of the Denver Sheriff Department. "We had problems... maintaining a perimeter."

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations is also fingerprinting hurricane survivors who volunteer for the service, which they say is designed to prevent the refugees from "becoming victims of identity theft."
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