Chutzpah: Zionists Running Anti-Slavery Organization
Report; Posted on: 2005-01-06 21:46:52

Boston Herald quotes ADL-like group in article about trafficking in women. Group directs attention away from Israel, keeps it focused elsewhere.

Estonia, sandwiched between Russia, Finland and Latvia, is one of the former Soviet Bloc countries ruined by Jewish communism, and then again by oligarchs who stole the wealth of the nation after "privatization." As such, the poverty-stricken, nearly 100 percent White country is a veritable playground for Jewish organized criminals who specialize in sex-slavery, ecstasy drug trafficking, and money laundering.

Jews in Estonia are also riding high due to a new, cleverly crafted law that bans "the incitement of racial and ethnic hatred." It is now a criminal offense to even mention their subversive activities in a negative light. No legal opposition is possible.

As a Boston area native I am well aware of a local news story about a "Russian" émigré who until recently owned "massage parlors" staffed with beautiful Aryan women shipped in from Estonia. It was a very sensitive topic for the Boston Herald. They chose their words carefully, using "Russians" and "Estonians" in place of "Jews" and "White European women."

The Boston scam was virtually identical to the one pulled by Lev Trakhtenberg, another "Russian" émigré who set up shop in Brooklyn. The Boston pimp, who calls himself Roman Valdma, lured at least seven young White women to Boston using bogus ads placed in Estonian newspapers. The girls were promised normal jobs and housing. Upon arrival their passports and return airline tickets were confiscated. The girls were then forced into prostitution while their owners took almost all of the money they earned. The mobsters threatened to kill their relatives back home should they try to escape. (Image at left is Miss Estonia, 2004)

On numerous trips into Boston I noticed the infamous Mr. Valdma strolling down the street on his way to or from Marty's Liquors. He's a skinny guy with a huge noggin -- picture Roman Polanski with Ted Koppel's head. Probably a cross between a gyspy, Jew and an Estonian. I can understand why the controlled media will not display his image on TV or in the newspaper.

At the time, the persecuted Mr. Valdma was facing a 23-count indictment and 15 years in prison on each of numerous fraud charges. And 10 years in prison on each of the other counts in the indictment -- extortion, making death threats, and forced labor. The government also sought the forfeiture of $500,000 in cash found in his possession, a new car, and real estate.

As it turned out, the defendant and his attorney were able to negotiate a very attractive plea arrangement. Valdma agreed to serve just three years and forfeit $80,000 in cash, his new car, and his condo. He gets to keep his U.S. citizenship, the remaining $420,000 in cash, and his message parlors. This is very similar to the deal negotiated for Lev Trakhtenberg.

Meanwhile, Boston organized Jewry has created something called The American Anti- Slavery Group (AASG). The group's founder and Chairman is Harvard graduate Charles Jacobs (pictured, right) who was recently presented with the Boston Freedom Award by Coretta Scott King, who noted, "I am personally inspired by your tireless dedication to alleviate the oppression of chattel slavery. Your efforts have given a powerful voice and a new hope to the victims of this festering injustice."

The AASG is similar to the Zionist front "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership" based out of Milwaukee -- with an annual budget of five bucks. The AAGS "headquarters" is little more than a mail drop. Yet the organization claims to direct the activities of a "45,000 member Freedom Action Network (FAN)." Actually, what they do is cry, whine and apply political pressure. Pressure to send U.S. taxpayer money to places like chimp-babwe, and pressure to drop Sudanese refugees into the Whitest areas of the United States.

Mr. Jacobs is also president of the David Project. The David Project was founded in 2002 for the purpose of spreading pro-Israel propaganda at American universities. The David Project Jews also "discourage" criticism of Israel and work to stop the formation pro-Islamic student organizations, or any other organization that opposes Israel in any way. (Pictured at left are three young Estonian women displaying their homemade Christmas cards. Financially poor, genetically rich.)

In his article "Why Israel and not Sudan" Jacobs complains about Americans who criticize Israel. He writes: "What determines their focus is not mainly anti-Semitism. It is the racial and cultural character of the perpetrators, not the victims, that determines the response of Westerners. An instructive case is Sudan... there has been a disturbingly muted reaction from American human rights champions. How can it be that there is no storm of indignation at Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, which, though they rushed to Jenin to investigate false reports of Jews massacring Arabs, care so much less about the Sudan."
(Jenin massacre - warning, horrific images of death)

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are thorns in Israel's side -- constantly bringing up the embarrassing subject of Israel's "trafficking in women," and other abuses of Palestinians, Gentiles and Christians, in one international forum after another. It's no wonder that Jacobs hates them and smears them as "anti-Semites." Regardless, large sections of the AI & HRW websites are devoted to the situation in the Sudan. You need only check their front page -- AI and HRW.

By comparison, if you visit the AAGS Web site, good luck finding anything at all about slavery in Israel. Click on the link "Slavery Today" and it will take you to an ADL/SPLC-like interactive map of slavery in the world. Click on the Middle East and an interactive map of the Middle East quickly appears. Click on that and it takes you to a list of news articles about slavery in... Asia! In other words, you get the runaround. Nothing at all about Israel.

The AAGS Web site also offers a link called "Modern Day Slavery Fact Sheet" directly from their front page. At this link you'll see a list of "Slavery Hotspots" offered as sort of an overview of the problem. Israel is not on the list.


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