Christian Leaders Urge Third World Flood
Report; Posted on: 2004-06-25 19:00:48

Catholic priests join agribusiness giants in support of illegal non-Whites

A number of Roman Catholic priests gathering for an "educational retreat" held at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, California, denounced a Border Patrol "crackdown" on illegal Mestizo "immigrants" as "inhumane" and, as usual, "racist."

The three dozen priests, clad in white vestments, denounced a recent Border Patrol increase in arrests of illegals on June 24, 2004, arrests which have also angered the large, powerful agribusinesses in the region which employ Mestizos as cheap stoop labor. Agribusinneses cite the cost-saving of using non-union, illegal workers, ignoring the social costs and lowered wage-scale they pass on to society at large, which has resulted in widespread ethnic cleansing of middle-class area Whites.

One priest helpfully reflected the "concerns" of local agribusiness padrones: "The recent roundups...are ...affecting the economy..." and leading to "terror in our Hispanic community."

In this latest Church attempt to interfere in State affairs, the LA Times states that "The priests at St. John's Seminary urged immigration officials to accept an offer by Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, extended earlier this week, to meet and discuss concerns about the crackdown."

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