Children: National Treasure or Personal Luxury Item?
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-29 21:30:11

by Mac Johnson

The greatest issue facing all Western cultures today is their looming demographic collapse due to low birth rates. Simply put, all European-derived nations are headed for extinction simply because too few children are being born. Yet these nations have done little to nothing to attempt to change things. Apparently the end of the world as we know it is no cause for concern.

The reasons for our lackadaisical attitude toward our own national demise are varied, but include:

1. The Western intelligentsia’s post-colonial cult of guilty self-loathing, which makes some believe that our demise is quite deserved and well overdue.

2. The related belief system of “multiculturalism,” which holds that all cultures are equal, but one’s own culture is less equal than others. Again, this implies that the extinction of Western civilization is, at worst, a morally neutral event.

3. The curious and unsustainable modern belief that a nation is simply a geographically-defined administrative unit, rather than an ethnically or culturally distinct people. Such a belief leads to the conclusion that the decline of a geographic unit’s population is simply an economic supply issue to be addressed by demographic free trade, i.e. open borders. In other words, who needs American motherhood when we can just outsource the production of children? After all, people are simply interchangeable parts in the brave new globalized economy, right?

4. The political reality that democracies respond to the needs of those who are here now, voting and whining about themselves. Politicians, therefore, plan only for the next election, not for the next generation. Those who have yet to be born, or who will never be born, cannot threaten an incumbent. This explains not only why the certain demographic decline of an entire nation after the next election is apparently acceptable, but also why fetuses have fewer rights than illegal aliens.

5. The fact that a demographic Armageddon does not suit the propaganda needs of any current political movement. It therefore has no worried prophets bemoaning it today. This is why German Greens, for example, can get very worried that the average temperature of the Earth might rise one degree over the next century, yet seem entirely nonplussed by the thought that there will be no Germans remaining to be one degree warmer.
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