Chertoff Timeline
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-08-15 18:07:49

Fanatical Jewish supremacist -- now U.S. Homeland Security czar -- had close connections with terror suspects.

by M. P. Shiel

INTERNET journalists -- including David Duke, the University Star, and the likely pseudonymous Richard Cranium -- have recently published a graphical timeline showing some of the interesting career moves and personal connections of fast-rising Jewish kingpin and now Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff. The timeline has its origin with the Star, the Texas State University publication which has been courageously speaking out on Chertoff, whom many consider disloyal to the United States and a dangerous security risk. But the timeline has some omissions, which I'll endeavor to correct today.

Chertoff was instrumental in the political persecution and imprisonment of White spokesman and Representative David Duke, and he was involved with the 'Joint Terrorism Task Force' (JTTF) which was connected to the false charges laid against Georgia White activist Chester Doles.

According to Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review and U.S. media spokesman for imprisoned writer and artist Ernst Zundel, some have said that Chertoff was also involved in the flagrantly illegal deportation of Zundel from Tennessee: "There's been a lot of talk that the operating force behind what happened to Mr. Zundel was this fellow Chertoff." Weber emphasized that documentary evidence was lacking so far, however.

We'll feature both the graphical version of the Chertoff Timeline (at the end of this article) and our more inclusive text version directly below -- with National Vanguard's additions inserted in italics.

Chertoff Timeline

1990 to 1994: Chertoff was U.S. Attorney
for the District of New Jersey.

February 26, 1993: World Trade Center bombing

1998: Foreign intelligence reports given to the then-chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Ben Gilman (R-New York) accused Dr. Magdy Elamir of having "had financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years, according to an Aug. 2, 2002 Dateline NBC broadcast.

Late 1998: Magdy Elamir retained Michael Chertoff (then in private practice) as his attorney to represent him in litigation with the State of New Jersey and HMO creditors seeking reimbursement. Chertoff would have to have had extensive access to Elamir's books.

1999: Magdy Elamir and brother Mohamed were named suspects in Operation Diamondback, an FBI/ATF undercover infiltration of Pakistani arms merchants who sought to arm Osama bin Laden with conventional and nuclear weapons, according to researcher and former New Jersey police officer Allan Duncan.

June 20, 2000: Chertoff defended accused terrorist financier Dr. Magdy Elamir in a $16.7 million civil lawsuit brought by the state of New Jersey, according to a June 20, 2000 article in the The Record.

May 2001: Chertoff was confirmed Assistant Attorney General of the criminal division at the Department of Justice; Chertoff's connection to JTTF begins.

June 2001: Arrests in Operation Diamondback were completed.

September 11, 2001: World Trade Center attacks; evidence of Israeli/Jewish supremacist foreknowledge of attacks: Odigo warnings; Art Student spies closely following hijackers

October 2001: Chertoff was appointed head of Operation Green Quest, a multi-agency initiative to target sources of funding for terrorist organizations, according to a U.S. Customs Service press release.

2002: The largest espionage ring ever captured in the United States, the over 200 'Israeli Art Students,' is released without charges and sent back to Israel on direct orders of Chertoff, despite the fact that they had been closely following some of the 9/11 perpetrators prior to the attacks.

2002: Politically-motivated prosecution of David Duke.

February 5, 2003: Politically-motivated arrest of Ernst Zundel in Tennessee.

March 7, 2003: Politically-motivated arrest of Chester Doles in Georgia.

June 2003: Chertoff was nominated to the Third Circuit U.S Court of Appeals. Despite having never served in the judiciary, Chertoff was made a federal judge whose jurisdiction includes Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Virgin Islands. Chertoff secured this position after refusing a nomination to the SEC. Some analysts say this was because Jewish interests could be better served by the judgeship.

January 11, 2005: Bush nominates Chertoff for Secretary of Homeland Security.

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