Chertoff Claims He Didn't Have A Clue
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-04 20:27:49

Zionist more interested in suppressing dissent than in protecting US cities, says Katrina was a total surprise.

Michael Chertoff, the Anti-Defamation League-linked Homeland Security czar, has admitted that he had no plan in place to deal with Hurricane Katrina.

The stunning admission came despite evidence that experts had sounded the alarm about the potential of Katrina-like devastation of New Orleans for ages. In 2004 over 40 government and private agencies ran a simulation, "Hurricane Pam," which exactly mirrored Katrina. And while Chertoff said he was “surprised” at the ferocity of the storm, national weather officials had predicted a Category 4 hurricane the Friday before Katrina struck. Meanwhile, the federal government diverted much-needed funds, manpower and equipment to wage the neo-con war on Iraq, and ignored the warnings of experts that the levees surrounding New Orleans needed to be properly upgraded.

Chertoff’s incompetence is a symptom of the dangerous hysteria the neo-con war machine whipped up post-9/11. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which was responsible for dealing with crises such as Katrina, was downgraded and put under the command of the newly-organized Department of Homeland Security.

The DHS has spent much of its resources on hacking in to Americans’ rights, blindly pursuing a largely-mythical – and expensive – “war on terror” to the detriment of real programs to defend America. Katrina was the first challenge for the lionized agency, and Chertoff has dropped the ball spectacularly and embarrassed America before the world.

Chertoff’s appointment, which was effectively unopposed by either party, was seen by many observers as a sop to the powerful Jewish lobby. Now his unsuitability for the job finally has become apparent even to the mass media and system politicians, who are increasing their criticism of Chertoff as the New Orleans nightmare continues to unfold and his role in the chaos becomes clearer.

Chertoff's statements about his lack of preparation are part of the buck-passing and refusal to take responsibilty or confront reality that is a constant theme of this tragic event. Bush himself must not be too happy with Chertoff, whose poor performance has helped to potentially make the death of New Orleans the defining event of Bush's lame-duck presidency. FEMA director Mike Brown may be in the process of being set up as the scapegoat by Administration officials.

Source: NV Staff • Printed from National Vanguard
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