Chertoff Aide Guilty in Child Porn Case
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-21 15:53:10

Ex-Homeland aide to get up to 5 years in sex case

Amy L. Edwards
Sentinel Staff Writer

Former U.S. Homeland Security press aide Brian Doyle will spend up to five years in prison on charges he preyed on a 14-year-old girl who turned out to be a Polk County undercover detective.

Doyle signed a plea agreement with prosecutors Tuesday, pleading no contest to the nearly two dozen cyber-sex charges against him in return for a five-year cap on the time he could be sentenced to prison. When he gets out, he will be on probation for 10 years and must register as a sex offender for life, his attorney said.

Circuit Judge J. Dale Durrance will sentence Doyle, 56, on Nov. 17.

After his morning court appearance, Doyle told reporters he was sorry. His attorney said he has paid a "horrendous" price already, citing his inability to find work since his arrest.

Doyle was arrested at his Silver Spring, Md., home in April. He quickly resigned from the Homeland Security agency, where he was the fourth-ranking spokesman.

Court documents show Doyle had numerous sexually explicit conversations with the "girl," who he was led to believe was a virgin, and he also e-mailed her pornographic movie clips over several weeks.

Doyle remains free on the $230,000 bond he posted in May.

Outside the Polk County Courthouse after Tuesday's hearing, Doyle told the media: "I just want to say one thing. I am very, very sorry. Very sorry," The Associated Press reported.

Reached on a cell phone at an airport where he and Doyle were waiting to return to Maryland on Tuesday afternoon, defense attorney Barry H. Helfand said his client would not comment further.

"He said he was sorry, he was terribly sorry," Helfand said.

Doyle could have faced a maximum of 115 years in prison for the charges.

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What kind of freaks are tapping our phones, reading our email, following us around, all while undermining our Constitution? The neocons who control the US government have whipped the public into a state of hysteria over terrorism, which they have brazenly exploited. As V-News first said when this story broke, "What has to happen before Bush finally gets the nerve to pull the plug on the incompetence-wracked tenure of Michael Chertoff? Not only did Chertoff fiddle while New Orleans drowned, he blamed a subordinate. Only recently a total lack of simple professionalism allowed an illegal alien from Pakistan into the retinue of ex-President Clinton; Chertoff's DHS, with all the legal and technical bells and whistles, was unable to forestall even this basic breach. Unable to control the border, Chertoff shrugged off reports of numerous Mexican military incursions as no concern of his, and has gone on the road to sell Bush's "amnesty" plan. Now we come to find out that -- again, despite all the Inspector Gadget hardware available to the DHS, an alleged would-be child molester was recruited to a top-level position at the agency." We also see that Chertoff has not gone on-air to assure the nation that child molestors are not watching their children from under the aegis of DHS.

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