Cans of Paint, Two White Halves, and Chromosomes
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Wherein Homeless Jack looks at Nature and Nature's God -- and thinks a lot like Jefferson whether he knows it or not...

by H. Millard

"I GOT ANOTHER revelation from Arman," said Homeless Jack. "Listen to this":

"'And God said: We will take some of Our life and We will send a spiraling wind from out of the far places to put life in the lifeless minerals and chemicals that We choose so that they may know and so that they may multiply and begin the upward struggle to know Us.

"'And, We shall set forth Our order and Our eternal laws in all that is, and We shall write within what We will so that life may discover these laws when it has reached the proper stage in the struggle. And, at every stage shall life be tested and be compelled to make choices. We have spoken plainly and the choices are clear to those who have the ability to see. We have set Our laws in all that exists, and they are there to be read and obeyed. Disobey Our laws and you shall be punished and you shall cease to exist even as a tiny particle of matter.

"'Light is of Us. We have set Our light in all that is good, even in flesh. Seek the light in flesh and in all things.'"

"Is that it?" I asked. "It sounds like other revelations Arman gave you."

"That's it, just as he gave it to me. I think because this has been said before that it's important. Anyway, Arman also used some of his own examples to explain what God wants.

"He said it might be helpful to think about it this way: Say you have two cans. One is half full of white paint and the other is half full of black paint. Arman then asked how it would be possible to get a full can of paint that is white by mixing the two. The answer is that it is not possible. Same with people."

"But Jack," I said, "Arman doesn't really think that paint is the same as genes, does he? That doesn't sound like a good analogy to me; it sounds way too simplistic."

"Everything is simple. Only the explanations are complex," said Jack. "Look, Arman says that the king of the senses for humans is our sight. We have been given our eyes so that we can distinguish this from that. They allow us a quick way to determine who is us and who is not us. Can we sometimes be fooled? Of course, but that's beside the point. In the natural state of affairs our eyes tell us who is us and who is not us.

"God has color coded humans and given us different features so that our eyes can tell us from not us. God has made other senses kings to other animals so they can do they can tell us from not us in their realms. For example, dogs use their strong sense of smell to know who is them and who is not them. I guess, if dogs could talk, some multicultural blender dog would probably say something stupid like, 'Smell is only skin deep. We're all alike under the odors.'

"Our so-called free will lets us override our natural instincts -- which are God's laws, if understood correctly -- to mate with not us, but this is evil in the eyes of God. That's what the revelation and Arman's talk of different color paints was all about. We can choose to mate unwisely, and this is evil -- or we can choose to mate wisely, and this is the way to God.

"And don't be put off with the seeming superficiality of color, it is not superficial. Our outward appearance is a manifestation of what is in our genes. Plus, there is a correspondence of vibrations in the universe that is reflected in things on this planet. So above, so below.

"Arman went on from the two cans of paint to say that we need two White halves to be White. He meant that you need White seeds and you need White eggs. If you have non-White seeds and White eggs, you end up with a non-White whole. If you have non-White eggs and White seeds, you end up with a non-White whole. And, if you mix the White and the non-White, you diminish the White and you desecrate the temple.

"Once again, Arman's teachings are right in tune with science. Each human has 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46 chromosomes. These 23 pairs are in every cell except the sex cells -- the sperm in males and eggs in females. The sex cells only have 23 single chromosomes, not 23 pairs. When the sperm and egg are combined, the new life that forms ends up with 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 from the mother. For White people, God wants the 23 chromosomes from the male to be White and the 23 from the female to be White so that when they combine to make a new child with 46 chromosomes, all of those chromosomes are White and when the two halves combine to make a new life, this new life is of the whole. For non-Whites, God wants the two halves to be of their whole in a similar fashion that is unique to those peoples. In other words, Arman says that God says mixing is wrong.

"Here's something else. The way genes are organized is extremely important. The spinning -- think spiral, think Swastika -- is what organizes them. God takes the four chemicals of DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine, or ATCG, and builds living things out of them by spinning them in different ways. He is the Great Shuffler. If He puts A and T together in that order it is one thing. But, if He puts T and A together in that order, it is something else. See, it's the order. It's the spiraling. It's the spinning.

"Some numbnuts -- think multiculturalist blenders -- may incorrectly say that this and that critter are the same because under analysis both have A and T. See the problem? If one has A and then T it is different from having T and then A.* See? The order makes the difference. It is the differences that are important. Say you dissolved humans of all races and looked at their basic chemicals. You might conclude that we're all the same. But that's nuts. The order is what matters. Say, and this is all much oversimplified, a white is an A and then a T and a non-white is a T and then an A. Same chemicals. Different order. All the difference in the world. They are not the same.

"Well, Jack, some people won't like this," I said.

"This is our religion," said Jack. "It's none of the business of haters and bigots. It they don't like it, they should just go their own way and leave us alone and not try to stir up hatred against us because of our religious beliefs. God will know the evil that others do to His believers, and He is not the fluffy 'do your own thing and it's okay' God that the false religions believe in. He rewards and He punishes. Those who send out evil, even if it is only in thoughts, toward God and His believers, will find evil returned by God."

*Note: Genes are a kind of language, a programming language if you will. And, in language, order is very important -- as Millard emphasizes. One is reminded of the famous Alice, who observed that "I see everything I eat" has a vastly different meaning from "I eat everything I see." -- Ed.


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