California Initiative for State Border Police Gaining Ground
Report; Posted on: 2005-08-25 01:43:33

Since the Feds won't do it, what about the states?

It's time to stop complaining about Washington not doing its job.


Facts About The California Border Police Initiative:

The California Border Police will be a state police force (like the CHP) established in the state constitution and under the authority of the Governor.

California Border Police officers will be authorized to patrol the border and enforce all federal immigration laws statewide, including laws against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

The California Border Police Initiative will save state taxpayers at least $10 for every one dollar it costs.

The California Border Police will be sworn and trained police officers, not volunteers.

The California Border Police initiative committee has announced a new internet fundraising campaign and urges supporters of the initiative to participate by going to

"Our California Border Police initiative has received tremendous support from the people of California," said Assemblyman Ray Haynes, author of the initiative. "We have mailed thousands of petitions to volunteers who have called our office or visited our web site. But unlike other initiatives, there are no big special interests funding us. Like Proposition 13 and the Recall of Gray Davis, this is a people’s initiative, where the people need to lead and the politicians and others will follow."

Supporters of the California Border Police initiative have until December 12 to gather approximately 600,000 valid signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot in 2006.

Citizens who want to support the California Border Police initiative can donate online. Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive a Cal Border Police bumper-sticker. Donations will be used for a paid signature drive using the same signature gatherers who successfully qualified the Gray Davis recall election in 2003 and who collected the signatures required to qualify the repeal of SB 60 (illegal alien drivers licenses), which prompted the Legislature to repeal the misguided measure on its own.

"The internet is the most cost-effective way for us to raise the funds needed to start our paid signature drive," said George Andrews, Executive Director of the Cal Border Police committee.

Illegal Immigration Facts and Figures

10.4 million illegal aliens reside in the United States.
(source: Pew Hispanic Center)

Every year, 500,000 additional illegal aliens enter the United States
(source: Pew Hispanic Center)

California's nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $9 billion each year
(source: Federation for American Immigration Reform)

Illegal aliens cost the federal government $10 billion more annually than they pay in taxes.
(source: Center for Immigration Studies)

Taxpayers pay $750 million annually to house the 18,000 illegal aliens in California prisons.
(source: U.S. Accounting Office)

California Initiative

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