California: Tookie Executed
Report; Posted on: 2005-12-13 03:47:51

Multiple murderer put to death in San Quentin

Justice was served in San Quentin, California when Stanley Tookie Williams was put to death for four race murders he committed in 1979. An execution team strapped the Black killer, who claimed to have co-founded the ultra-violent Crips gang, to a modified dentist's chair and injected him with three chemicals that ended his worthless life. He was pronounced dead at 12:35 am Pacific.

Tookie was executed for murdering a young White clerk, Albert Owens, in a store robbery, and for slaying a Chinese family. Despite his vicious crimes, he attracted a passel of deranged White liberals, including "celebrities" and Black poverty pimps who advocated for clemency. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger denied mercy less than twelve hours before the sentence was to be carried out. Many people, including readers, deluged the governor with emails demanding Tookie's death in the run-up to his decision. will carry an in-depth report, including eyewitness accounts, in the coming hours.

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