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Folk the System interviews Prussian Blue

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Interview with Prussian Blue

White nationalists worldwide have been hearing a lot lately about the talented Prussian Blue: a pro-White folk music team whose new CD on Resistance is generating a lot of talk. Prussian Blue consists of twins Lynx and Lamb, twelve year olds who are also effective activists. They will be one of the headliners at Folk The System 2004.

Girls, you've had quite an impact on pro-White music lately. You've appeared on the cover of Resistance and you've got a new CD out, "Fragments of the Future." How does it feel to have such a high profile?

It is fun to get letters and emails from people (especially kids) who like what we do. We recently got on the cover of a German magazine called RockNord. It is all in German. We also got a lot of people who liked what we did on the BBC interview with Louis Theroux. It is pretty neat to have so many people know us but our mom still makes us clean our pony pen and unload the dishwasher so maybe we will have to work on that....he he he

Were you happy with your first CD release? How much is original material and how many are covers? How did you choose what to record?

We are happy that we got the CD finally done, it was a lot more work than we expected and it took longer to record than we had hoped. It took us 6 months to get it all done and during this time we improved a lot so the last song we recorded, "I Will Bleed For You", is much better than the first one, "Road to Valhalla". When we listen to it we think of things we could do differently .

The songs we recorded are:
1. The Road to Valhalla: with Lynx doing an intro on her violin. We also introduce it with the lines from a movie called 13th Warrior. In the movie the Vikings are fighting some monsters and they say this chant right before battle. Lynx sings the main part of this song with Lamb doing backup.
2. Victory Day: this song was originally recorded by Rahowa. My mom said she always thought that it shoudl be sung by children. This is one of Matt Hales favorite songs and we think of him when we sing it. We trade off singing on this one and both sing on the chorus.
3. Weiss Weiss Weiss: This is an old German folk song that we sing in German. It is about wearing different color clothes. Weiss is White, Grun is green, Schwarz is black and Bunt is multi colored. We learned it at a summer camp for kids who are German from Russia descendants. It tells how the color of a persons clothes change by what their occupation is.
4. Our Vinland: This is our version of Old Albion. We changed it to Our Vinland because we are in America which is Vinland for us Vikings. (Our grandmother is Icelandic). We dedicate this song to all the POWs.
5. Sacrifice: This song is an original that Lamb wrote with our mom. It talks about the sacrifice that so many men have made for their race. We mention Ian Stuart, Rudolph Hess, Bob Mathews and Dr Pierce. It is sung from a perspective that it is in the future and our Cause has been successful. Lamb sings the main part and Lynx sings on the chorus.
6. Panzerlied: We sing this in German. This is a German military song. Hans Schmidt (author of “Panzergrenadier” and “Hitler Boys in America”) told us that he first heard it when he was our age. We laid many tracks over each other so that it sounds like many kids singing as they march down a street.
7. The Snow Fell: This is a song about the German soldiers in WWII. We both sing on this song. We have changed the tune a bit from the original that Ian Stuart did.
8. Gone with the Breeze: A song about Robert Matthews by Ian Stuart. Lynx sings the main part and Lamb does backup.
9. Aryan Man Awake: This is an original. Our mom wrote the words and Lamb set it to music. My mom said that she was inspired to write it by the Ruby Ridge and Waco murders which were both major reasons that she became an activist. Lamb sings the main part and Lynx joins on chorus.
10. I Will Bleed for You: This is a song originally done by Ken McLellen on his Betrayed album. We recently sang this song to audition to play at a local event and everyone loved it. The act that auditioned before us was a group of pretty White teenage girls dressed like whiggers with baggy pants and their hats on backwards. They did this horrible cheer dance to rap music. They really weren’t very good but it was a big contrast when we set up and played our own instruments and sang. Everyone looked at us like they couldn’t believe it. When we sang we sang to those girls as they stood and watched us: "I see you all around me, I see the apathy in your eyes, Knowing not what it means to be free, watching as the white flame dies, It means nothing to you, pride is an unknown thing…"
11. Lamb near the Lane: Lyrics written by David Lane for Lamb. Lamb sings this song. This song is about David and what he has given up to stand up and fight for his race. He is a good friend of ours and we talk to him on the phone a lot.
12 Victory: This is a song that Lamb wrote all by herself. the song is set in the future when we have won.
13 Sisters: A fun song that we learned when we were little girls. It is from the movie White Christmas.

Will Folk the System be your first full public concert appearance since the CD release?

Yes, though we have been playing at open mike nights while we have been recording as well as at the IHR conference back in April.

What do you hope to achieve with your music? Adults love your work, but are you hoping to reach White kids your own age also?

We hope to encourage other kids to also learn an instrument and to become active by singing or performing at Folk events. Some of our friends do Scottish and Irish dancing and this is also a good way for kids to participate and help adults to realize what we are trying to preserve. It also inspires adults to try harder. We hope that more kids will try to learn things like music and dancing and to encourage their parents to get them lessons and give them the opportunity.

A lot of people think that listening to pro-White music, collecting CDs and attending shows is all they need to do for their race. However, you girls are literally out in the streets protesting as activists and working for change as part of the National Alliance's efforts. What do you say to people who only listen to the music and don't put the lessons into practice in real life?

Well they need to realize that this is not a game and that it is serious business even though it can also be fun to be around other racially aware people. A lot of young people like to dress in a way that gets them attention because they don’t know any other way to feel proud of themselves and special. Sometimes the way they dress doesn’t make them look as attractive or handsome as they could be. We think that they should work to look as good as possible by working out and dressing nice to show that people who are White Nationalists are not scary, but good people. The way that you look and act is activism in a way because you represent your family your beliefs and your race. You are a walking talking advertisement and our young people are the best advertisement so they need to realize this.

Do we have any special to look forward to at Folk the System?

We will have some surprise singers to join us on-stage. They are daughters of other White Nationalists who are our friends. We have met them when we are at meetings and Eurofests with our mom. Also we have some new material that we have learned since we finished recording so we will add that to our songs that we sing at FTS.

Folk the System has planned a lot of activities for young people. Do you think kids are sometimes ignored?

Kids are considered pretty important to the White Nationalists that we know. When someone has a baby it is a big deal (our mom just had a new baby and our friends who are singing with us, one has a new baby sister and the other girl's mom is expecting, so we will all have new babies in our house soon). But kids also need to feel like they can do things to help our race. The most important thing we can do right now is grow up healthy and try to learn all we can so that we can be more effective in the future.

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