California: April Gaede Awarded Queen Isabella Prize
Report; Posted on: 2004-09-15 12:27:23

Prize honors White woman activist

Bakersfield's April Gaede has been awarded the $1000 Queen Isabella Prize in recognition of her hard work as a White nationalist activist woman. The Prize was conferred on-stage at Folk The System, the hugely successful pro-White festival held September 10 through 12 in Northern California.

A generous comrade initiated the prize this year to recognize leading activists in our struggle. The Prize goes annually to that activist, regardless of sex, who displays outstanding courage and innovation.

Ms. Gaede is raising a young family. Two of her girls are renowned pro-White musicians who entertained the festival powerfully. Despite her home commitments, Ms. Gaede is a powerhouse -- demonstrating, speaking, organizing and recruiting.

[Photo: Ms. Gaede in her contest-winning hand-made folk dress]

She has not only suffered the negative attentions of the mass media, but has been the target of awful attacks at the hands of enemy operatives masquerading as White nationalists.

In recognizing Ms. Gaede, the Prize salutes in her the spirit of Spain's Queen Isabella, who drove the Muslims and Jews out of Spain and who sponsored the world-changing voyage of Columbus. Isabella's statue stands in the state house in California.

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