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By Way Of Deception
Victor Ostrovsky's Mossad Classic

10/4/2006 11:11:08 PM

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Bill White

Book Review -- I just finished reading Victor Ostrovsky's "Mossad classic" By Way of Deception, published back in 1990 by St Martin's Press. The book is quite fascinating, and I read it quickly and easily. Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa who was forced to resign after he refused to have gay sex with another Mossad officer, wrote the book as revenge against his previous employer, and it tells a lot about Mossad history and Mossad techniques -- though less about his own involvement, as he didn't actually serve more than a few months out of his training.

The first half of the book describes Ostrovsky's training in great detail. The half is worth reading for the detail in conducting intelligence operations alone. Ostrovsky tells the reader how to lose tails, how to conduct various intelligence operations, and how the Mossad carries out assassintions. The technical information is better than any Army manual you can get second hand at Barnes and Noble.

The second half is a collection of stories of the Mossad, various operations it conducted, and how it went about conducting them -- all from information Ostrovsky overheard during his time in the group.

Contrary to the hushed tones with which groups like the Liberty Lobby address the book, Ostrovsky's account is not particularly scandalous. The Mossad -- Hebrew for "the Institute" -- conducts intelligence operations that amount to little more than government sponsored organized crime. No surprise. All of war and most of "intelligence" is just crime on a massive scale with a massive budget -- the only difference between the two being that, like criminals, "intelligence" agencies work very hard to conceal their criminal activity -- and thus seem "darker" -- as if the open butchery of hundreds of thousands is somehow a more noble pursuit than the quiet murder of a few dozen.

What is most interesting about Ostrovsky's account is the way his personal observations show Jews just being Jews -- sleazy, underhanded, amoral demons, even to each other and among themselves. At one point Ostrovsky observes an orgy where the old, flabby, senior Mossad officials are gang banging their young Jewish secretaries by the Institute pool. He notes that most Mossad employees openly (to other employees) cheat on their wives and one of his core duties in the Mossad was to cover up when the wives of various Mossad officers would call looking for their husbands. The particularly Orthodox Jews are, of course, identified as the particularly worse offenders.

I would like to say this contrasts with the good behavior of gentile intelligence agencies in the United States, but it doesn't. In our Judaized societies, the Republicans, in particular, have run the same kind of perverse sex rings as the Jews -- often with the help and encouragement of Jewish intelligence and Jewish organized crime. One may remember the Jewish ambassador in Brazil who raped underage children and was protected by the Zionist government -- but, in the United States, a large portion of the Republican establishment -- not just Mark Foley -- has been involved in the organized rape of children for years. Just look part twenty five years to the Franklin Incident and you'll find Republican after Republican -- many of them currently active in the conservative and neo-conservative press, as well as government office -- who have been implicated in having sex with underage children, usually boys.

But the perversity of the Jew capitalists aside, the perversity of the Jew himself is a constant theme in Ostrovsky's book, and sexual politics seem to take precedent at Mossad headquarters over actual politics. Far from a fearsome organization, the Mossad comes out of the book looking like a brutal, vicious, murderous Jewish joke -- a bunch of Jews acting out fantasies of masculinity while conducting what are essentially very easy and often badly botched assassinations of completely unsuspecting and unprotected people.

What I have learned from years, in my youth, of committing crimes and years, in my adulthood, of observing others commit them, is that it is very easy to get away with horrendous crimes if you have the courage to go out and commit them. I doubt the Mossad has a much better record of murder and assassination than some of America's nigger street gangs -- and their tactics, brazed mid day shootings of people who are lucky to have one percent of the resources dedicated to their security that are dedicated to their assassination -- are hardly much better. Jeffrey Dahmer killed and tortured better than the average Mossad agent -- which just goes to show that their skills are not those of the expert, but the sociopath.

The second part of the book consists of entertaining accounts of how the Mossad has done various things of mostly questionable value. Even when the Mossad has "succeeded" in an operation, one is left questioning what exactly it achieved by it. The Mossad, for instance, allowed the Lebanese to blow up the US base in Lebanon, despite having specific intelligence to the contrary. What did they gain? Did the Jews ever take control of Lebanon? Did relations with Republicans improve? No.

It has always struck me as ridiculous how many countries turn to the Mossad for "anti-terrorist" training. I wonder ... how can the Mossad know anything about stopping terrorism? I mean, they've been active for fifty or so years ... and the Zionist Entity is not exactly "safe from terrorism". In fact, its probably one of the hottest places in the world as far as the low level type of guerilla conflict we call "terrorism" is concerned.

It would strike me that a nation interested in stopping terrorism would study a nation without it as their model, rather than a nation perpetually "fighting" -- and thus perpetually facing -- it. Yet, the leaders of the world keep buying into Jew bullshit.

And that idea -- Jew bullshit -- is what is at the base of the book. The book is not about how dangerous and sneaky and powerful the Mossad is. The book is about how comically inept a bunch of Jew thugs protected by a multi- hundred-million dollar budget financed in large part by cowed white capitalists in the US have been able to bungle and mismanage a spy agency. Rather than doing something productive with their resources, they blow it dealing hashish and opium, having sex orgies in their offices and hiring European hookers, and occassionally committing a random murder and then fleeing the country to a base of protection.

The Mossad emerges from the book looking like the Jew -- base, criminal, and ridiculous if it were not for the incredibly and almost incomprehensible depth of his real world power. How we got cursed by this race of demons and how human beings became subjected to their evil control is a mystery that can only be explained as God's will, a test, or Tradition. No force other than a divinity testing his folk could create the bizarre situation where this race of comical and bungling evil trolls could make pretense to be the rulers of the world.


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