Blood on the Frost: Never Forget the Hmong Massacre
Radio/Audio; Posted on: 2004-12-11 07:22:04

Six White people pay the ultimate price for America's multiracialist "experiment."

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 11, 2004
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Pictured: The victims of the Hmong Massacre: Denny Drew, Bob Crotteau, Joey Crotteau, Jessica Willers, Al Laski, and Mark Roidt.

SIX SHARP CRACKS rang out over the frozen Wisconsin landscape three weeks ago. Six White hunters fell dead at the hand of a Hmong tribesman who lived in nearby St. Paul, Minnesota. As in the cliché of crime fiction, the hunters had become the hunted. But this was no adventure novel. This was real. This was the dark side -- the very real dark side -- of multiracialism and multiculturalism. Here in the Wisconsin woods a price was paid: six lives. Here among the cold brown meadows, big-eyed deer, and piney groves a lesson was learned about who we are and where we stand. Here at the cusp of winter we saw the abyss of endless night.

Both of my parents were Minnesota farm kids, so I feel close to the situation even though I live in Virginia. I know the culture and the people of the northern Midwest, and with all their virtues and their vices, I love them. I hate to see them die. But that is what we're seeing. They were dying long before the Hmong tribesman, Chai Soua Vang, started pulling the trigger, of course, but the five White men and one White woman Vang killed on November 21st bring it all home to me. They place it all in focus, the sharp crystalline focus that only the northern winter sun can bring.

Left dead or wounded on the ground that day were a father and his son; two friends who worked together in a stock car racing team; a young woman and her father -- the father survived; two local business partners and one of their friends and associates.

Bob Crotteau, 42, was a town official and the owner of a concrete and construction business in Haugen, Wisconsin. He died alongside his son, Joey Crotteau, who was only 20 years old. The elder Crotteau leaves behind a wife and four other children. Young Joey was known as "a great kid" who loved the outdoors by his friends and classmates. He graduated from high school in 2002.

Al Laski, 43, also died at the hands of Vang. He was a lumber supplier to some of his friends on the hunting trip, had worked for United Building Centers for 21 years, and was known to one and all as "a good neighbor." He leaves behind a wife, a son, and two daughters.

Mark Roidt, 28, and Denny Drew, 55, worked together in the pit team of a stock car racing crew. Roidt, a flooring installer, had thought about sleeping in and skipping this trip, according to family. But he loved the woods and had hunted with his father since he was 12 years old. He was one of the first to come to the aid of those first shot by Vang. He paid with his life. Drew was a salesman at the local Ford agency after having retired from the telephone company. Known as a jokester by his co-workers, he was successful as a salesman despite knowing little about the car business -- because he was so well-liked in the community, people wanted to buy from him. Drew had three children.

Jessica Willers, 27, was planning to get married when Vang ended her life. She and her fiancé had just bought a home in a suburb of Green Bay. She was looking forward to this hunting trip, which included her father, Terry Willers. When her father was shot by Vang, she rushed to help him. Her reward was death.

Massacre survivor Lauren Hesebeck has indicated that reports in the controlled media are not telling the complete truth about this incident: "A lot of it is not true," he said. "But at this point, I just can't discuss anything." The criminal complaint against Vang has just been made available to us and may be downloaded in PDF format at

Vang is one of many thousands of near-Stone Age Hmong tribesmen from the jungles of Southeast Asia who were imported by the U.S. government after the failure of the Vietnam War. Vang, one of 75,000 Hmongs in Minnesota and Wisconsin alone, crossed the border on the 21st of last month from Minnesota into nearby Wisconsin on a hunting trip, where he boldly occupied a tree stand belonging to the Crotteaus. Hmong, who warred with their neighbors even in Asia, are known to have little regard for -- or understanding of -- the European concept of private property.

Armed with his powerful rifle, Vang ignored the bright orange "no trespassing" signs and took up "squatter's rights" in the hunting platform.

When Vang was confronted by the Crotteaus, father and son, and told to leave the platform, instead of moving on, he shot them both. Before dying, the father managed to radio for help. Six of his hunting companions converged at the scene on two ATVs and were immediately fired upon by Vang. Those who were not hit fled into the woods but were chased down and shot.

Unfortunately, the eight Whites had only one gun between them. It is believed that they only fired one shot in return, and that one missed.

After killing the five Whites and wounding three, one fatally, the Hmong immigrant reversed his orange vest to the camouflage side to avoid capture, and attempted to flee the area. However, lost in the woods, he required the assistance of two more Whites to find his way out. Luckily for the two Whites, Vang was out of ammunition.

Vang made a statement to police in which he admits the killings, but says the group made "racist" comments and told him to get off the property. As he walked away, he says he saw one White man point a gun at him and shoot. That's when he opened fire -- he says. In his own statement, Vang also admits that when he looked up and saw one of the wounded White men was still standing he yelled to him, "You're not dead yet?" Vang says he then shot one more time at the man, killing him.

Vang's brother, Sang Vang, 33, said the killer was provoked by derogatory racial comments. "He is a reasonable person," he said.

One of the witnesses, a hunter who was wounded in the shootings, gave a statement contradictory to Vang's. Lauren Hesebeck said a member of the hunting party shot at Vang only after he started firing at them and that no "racist" comments were made, according to court documents.

Sawyer County Sheriff James Meier said there is evidence that Vang was "moving around" -- stalking his victims as they fled. "I can only assume by the location of the bodies and the type of woods they were in, that he would have had to be moving around in order to inflict that kind of damage on that many people," Meier said.

Meier also said that Vang fired over 20 rounds at the hunters from his semiautomatic, and that two victims were knocked from their all-terrain vehicles as they approached the scene, while others were "chased down" and shot in the back.

Vang, a bigamist with a legal wife and a so-called "cultural wife," is a part-time truck driver and the father of six children. He served in the U.S. Army for six years and speaks "pretty good English," according to his brother. According to the Milwaukee Sentinel, Vang achieved the status of "sharpshooter" while in the Army.

Vang had been arrested once before, on Christmas Eve 2001 in Minneapolis, after brandishing a gun and telling one of his wives he was going to kill her, said Ron Reier, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department. He was arrested on a felony complaint of domestic assault, Reier said. He added there had been two domestic violence calls to his home in the past year, but both were "resolved without incident." Meanwhile, Fox News reported that Vang had been arrested twice for threatening with a firearm, but the charges were dropped when the girlfriend refused to testify.

Chai Vang is reportedly the son of Hmong leader General Vang Pao, a well-known opium trafficker and former commander of the CIA's secret army in Laos from 1960 to 1975. No details are available as to where "General" Pao is at the present time.

Many of the Hmong consider General Pao to be a "hero" and have demanded that numerous parks and bridges [in both states] be named after him.

In February of 2003, the FBI released a law enforcement bulletin warning that throughout the United States, the level of Hmong criminal activity was increasing in severity. Here is a summary of some extracts from the FBI bulletin:

The Hmong have become involved in a wide range of crimes, such as homicides, gang rapes, prostitution, home invasions, burglaries, auto thefts, and, most recently, the sale and distribution of illicit drugs.

In the St. Paul/Minneapolis area during the summer of 1999, within about a 6-week period, at least 22 shootings were reported. Hmong gangs also present a violent threat to people who are not members of gangs. The most frequent and violent crimes against nongang members are rape and prostitution.

In Warren, Michigan, several members of a Hmong gang were arrested for repeatedly raping teenage girls who they had held prisoner for nearly 3 weeks. The victims came from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Vang's associates may have murdered before, too. The FBI, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and various Minnesota-based law enforcement agencies are now looking for the Asian males who regularly accompany Vang on his yearly hunting trips into Wisconsin -- the Hmong Massacre has drawn attention to a possible connection with these members of the "Hmong community" and a 2001 murder of a White man.

Three years ago, Jim Southworth, 37, was found lying face-down in a pool of blood with two bullet holes in his back. Both high-velocity rounds passed right through him, leaving exit wounds in his chest. It was 23 November 2001 - the day after Thanksgiving.

Southworth was hunting on his family's 160 acre parcel in Clark County, Wisconsin; purchased by his great-grandfather decades earlier. He was last seen wearing a blaze orange jacket and carrying a rifle as he walked across the land to a portable tree stand.

That evening, concerned when he hadn't come home, his wife called his cell phone. No answer.

At first light the next day, a large group of volunteers found Southworth's body just 200 yards from his tree stand. His rifle was missing.

Southworth's wife, Janis, said.:

"There is only one way to describe this -- we are devastated. Every day our two children are a reminder to me that Jim isn't with us anymore, and he's not going to be with us to see them grow up."

Tom Southworth said:

"It's so hard to believe that you see your son one day and the next day he's gone. And then to realize that he had been murdered and you try to think why would somebody shoot somebody in the back, take his rifle and leave? What kind of person would do that?"

Kerry Kirn, a Clark County Sheriff's Detective, believes the victim may have spotted a trespasser, resulting in a confrontation. He said that witnesses saw a pickup truck with three "Asian" males inside, on the dead-end road near where the body was found -- about 80 miles south of this November's massacre. The three Asians were described as ranging in height from 5-foot-4 to 6 feet. They were driving a silver or gray Nissan pickup truck, possibly a late 1980s model.

"To our knowledge, those are the only three people who we haven't identified who were in that area that day," said Sheriff Kirn.

Vang is 5-foot-4-inches, according to a court document. DMV records show that he owns a 1987 Nissan pickup truck. Vang shot several of the Massacre victims in the back. Vang's rampage was sparked by a dispute over trespassing. Officials said that Vang was hunting with two other people before wandering off by himself onto private property.

A retired FBI agent told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; "The odds of the two cases being unrelated are astronomical, I would say." Bob Dwyer, who now works as a private investigator, said the best way to tie two crimes together is to match weapons or bullets.

Meanwhile, more proof that Hmong have no respect for the concept of private property came when it was reported that Vang was ticketed for trespassing while hunting in Green Lake County, Wisconsin, in 2002. Vang and his Hmong hunting partner pleaded guilty and were given $244 citations. Vang never bothered to pay his ticket, according to the state's Web site of court records. No one in the major media is asking why his Wisconsin hunting license was not revoked or suspended.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, local controlled media publications, did publish biographies of the victims, but such humanizing stories on the victims are rare and pictures of them are even rarer in the national media. The media bosses' main concern is to prevent any damage to the multiracialist agenda, to prevent White Americans from thinking dangerous thoughts such as doubting the wisdom of importing unlimited numbers of alien tribes from every corner of the Third World to take and occupy the land that ought to belong to our own children.

One academic observer stated:

"I'm from Wisconsin and remember reading a story on a local pastor in Wausau who thought that Wausau was 'too White' so we ought to import some Hmong to diversify the place a bit. Now we realize that they get married when they are about 13 and have a dozen children or so per woman, they don't acculturate, and are addicted to the welfare system. What a disaster for that part of the country."

Now that disaster has been made dramatically manifest. This is what you have been nestling at your bosom, White America. This is what you have bled your own children to nurture and support.

One National Vanguard correspondent states:

"I have checked a number of Wisconsin and Minnesota online news sites for pictures of the Hmong Massacre victims and have located very few. Nationally, there appear to be no pictures of the White victims at all. And nowhere -- not even on the local sites -- are there pictures of the dead bodies of the victims, either at the medical examiner's office or at the massacre site itself.

"Are the media moguls trying to suppress or limit the distribution of evocative personal images of a father and son and a woman who were among the White victims?

"They are busy 'humanizing' Vang as a 'good man' while ignoring the victims, whose pictures and personal stories, as well as the grief of their families, could initiate appropriate White ethnic responses."

In Ashland, Wisconsin, the Hmong Massacre inspired National Vanguard members to distribute free educational materials concerning the dangers posed by unchecked Third World immigration.

The Vanguard flyers violate a controlled media policy barring any mention of a possible race motive when Whites are victimized by non-Whites. The Ashland Daily Press responded by publishing a boilerplate editorial, describing the flyer distribution as "despicable" and the mass murder as merely "sad."

Meanwhile, dozens of controlled media outlets are spinning the slaughter as a "tragic clash of cultures." Blaming "racist" Whites for hurling ethnic slurs at Hmong hunters and "buying up all of the hunting land," leaving nothing for the poor Hmong.

Perhaps the most outrageous article appeared in the Pioneer Press and on Yahoo! News, describing Vang as a "respected leader, tirelessly helping his extended family and greeting others with a warm smile and kind words." They say "something must have happened" -- suggesting that Vang was provoked and perhaps justified.

Vang was charged with six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide -- the maximum penalties he faces if convicted: six life terms plus 160 years. The "Hmong community" of St. Paul has hired a Jewish attorney, Stephen Kohn, to represent him. Kohn is already gearing up for a "race card" and "mental fitness" defense, bringing up the allegations that the dead Whites may have used a word not approved by the PC censors and that Vang is supposedly a "shaman" in the primitive Hmong religion, implying he may have been in some kind of mystical trance in addition to clothing the killer in the garb of "deep spirituality."

Where is the humanization and individualization of the victims in the controlled media? It is almost entirely absent. We get, instead the justification (the mysteriously unspecified "racial insult") and the tearful and "spiritual" humanization of the killer. The next time the "professionals" of the controlled media are telling you a story or asking you for one, remember this: people capable of this kind of unbelievable spin-doctoring and whitewashing of a murderer are capable of any kind of lie, any kind of crime. And remember that there is no other solution than the hard work of building White community and White media again: the work of National Vanguard.

Contributions for the families of the victims can be sent to:

Rice Lake Hunters Survivors and Victims Fund
Dairy State Bank
16 South Main Street
Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868

(Jay White, John Goth, and Jeff Hook, National Vanguard writers and editors, contributed to this report.)

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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