Blackness Tells It Like It Be
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-02 13:34:53

A self-described Black shows the mentality of the New Orleans rioters.

The following was received by Spelling and grammar have been left intact, while punctuation has been improved and profanities deleted. Ed.

If you only could fathom the amount of struggle that my brothers and sisters deal with on a daily basis, only then would you begin to understand how [expletive] like this happens.

You PWT's [apparently Ebonics for White people] are the most ignorant, selfish, pale [expletive], spoiled "people" that I have ever had the misfortune of living around.

I dare you to stop living in fear of my people. Black men have you PWT [expletive] in your white robes. What would happen if you weren't so afraid? We are going to get through this and have more babies that will forever populate your space until there is no more room for you. Better start packing up [expletive] cause we are intending to color up everything! This is what you asked for--sit back and reap the benefits of having people who know how to get [expletive] done! This [expletive] country was/is build off of our free labor, and we didn't volunteer--remember?

So either deal or get dealt with. We are going to be around for whatever decision you make. Put that in your pipes and smoke it.


Ed: A number of other e-mails were received by from individuals claiming to be Black. "Black Power!!!" kept it short and sweet:

Deal with your demons and we will deal with ours. Shut the [expletive] up until then.

Lou was more contemplative, but seemed to think that National Vanguard wishes to subjugate Blacks, when in fact we support self-determination for all races, not the mixed-race societies which subjugation of Blacks would require:

If you going to tell a story, make sure you tell the whole thing. Yes, Blacks are seen looting and do bad deeds, but there were whites too in the footage. Also, alot of the black interviewed expressed desperation and are calm and want to return to their lives. The criminal elements of the city is doing the crimes, not black people. Ofcourse, if you want to make a point on subjecating a race of people for your own selfish purpose then thats fine. I think as an intelligent leader of your supreme race, you should analyze things more precisely.

Wendell wrote that he is "ashamed to be Black" in view of the New Orleans chaos. The angst Wendell feels is the result of living in an unnatural multiracial society:

I watch the [expletive] on tv that "some" of these silly niggers not BLACK people are doing unnecessary foolishness. I work so hard to go to graduate school and be a contributing part of American Society and now, I have to have this image branded on me. I pray the white people do not see all of us like this. I mean... I don't need this [expletive] right now. I live in very White New England, and even with an intelligence equaled or greater than most whites I interact with, I still have to always explain or give excuses for [expletive].

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