Black Supremacist Relies on White Science to Stay Alive
Posted on: 2006-09-23 20:30:25

White-hating Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has recently come of out prostate cancer treatment  -- relying on White technology, science and medical care, possibly after finding out that his fellow non-Whites’ ‘medicine’ consists of voodoo witchdoctors and are incapable of treating his condition.

Farrakhan, who is most famous for asserting that Jews control the US government, but who is equally anti-White, often referring to the ‘White Devils” (it’s just that his anti-White sentiments are not given the same amount of exposure in the Jew-controlled media as are his anti-Jewish comments for obvious reasons), has announced he's scaling back his activities because he's lost 35 pounds while fighting pain and infection, the after-effects of his treatment.

In 1998, Farrakhan was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated with radiation seeds. Farrakhan says it saved his life, and killed the cancer.

In a letter to the Nation of Islam’s newspaper, Final Call, Farrakhan proved that he had lost none of the conceit which has marked his reign at the head of that organization: he asked his executive board to assume major authority, writing, "you can prove to the world that the Nation of Islam is more than the charisma, eloquence, and personality of Louis Farrakhan."

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