Black Refugee Accused of Raping Retarded Girl
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-10 01:27:53

Africa follows in the wake of Katrina.

According to police, Black Hurricane Katrina evacuee Glenn Dorsett (photo), aged 18, has been arrested for the rape of a fellow refugee at a displaced persons facility in Arkansas. Dorsett's alleged victim, only 13, is mentally challenged, as is, judging by his appearance, Dorsett himself.

The race of the alleged rape victim of Dorsett was not disclosed.

Dorsett has quite a colorful record. Within the few months since his eighteenth birthday he has racked up an impressive series of legal feats, including "...Louisiana charges of aggravated criminal damage to property, illegal use of weapons, terrorizing, disturbing the peace, criminal trespass, manufacturing - distribution - possessing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana and crack cocaine," according to KTHV, a Little Rock news source. KTHV adds that "[n]eighbors say his juvenile history is unknown.

Refugees like Dorsett will soon be swarming across White America, thanks to the government and "charities" which will fund relocation efforts.

New Orleans collapsed in an orgy of rape, looting, murder and arson in the wake of the Category Four hurricane. Approximately one-third of the city's heavily Third World police force deserted, and some joined in the looting. With many National Guard forces and and their equipment in Iraq, the rampages went unchecked for days.

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