Black Panthers Jailed in Cop-Killing Probe
Report; Posted on: 2005-10-10 15:17:12

Unrepentant militants tell prosecutors to go fish

Ex-Black Panthers Ray Michael Boudreaux, 62, and Richard Brown, 64, have been jailed by a San Francisco Superior Court judge for contempt of court following their refusals to testify in grand jury hearings into the 1971 slaying of San Francisco police Sgt. John V. Young. Young was killed when two "unidentified Black males" fired a shotgun into a San Francisco police station. Murder charges against three Panthers were thrown out in a 1975 decision after a judge found that cops had whipped a confession out of one of the accused.

Boudreaux and Brown join two other comrades, Hank Jones, 70, and Harold Taylor, 57, already in jail for contempt in the same probe. Taylor was one of the defendants in the Young murder trial. Prosecutors are also using the grand jury in fishing for information on the murder of Sgt. Brian McDonnell, killed when his police station was bombed in 1970.

Defense lawyers for the accused maintain that the subpoeanas violate their client's constitutional rights.

People often forget the extreme violence surrounding the Black Panthers, who were aided and abetted by Jewish and deranged White leftists.

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