Black God Begs Devil for Dignified Demise
Report; Posted on: 2006-10-07 12:34:31

"God, Son of God" wants The Man to lift parole

Yahweh Ben Yahweh (Hebrew for "God, Son of God") is dying in Florida, and wants Satan to help him live out his final moments with a degree of dignity.

If this sounds stupid, it's because it is. But the idiocy is tempered with horror: Yahweh Ben Yahweh is a Black supremacist cult leader whose sect of "Black Jews" led an anti-White serial murder campaign that left over a dozen Whites butchered. Yahweh, 70, now has prostate cancer and his lawyer wants the federal government to release him from parole conditions. "Death is imminent, and he should be able to die with dignity. They have monitored him every day -- every phone call, every move -- and he has never made a misstep. There's no likelihood that he is a risk for flight. He is in fragile health," said attorney Jayne Weintraub. According to Yahweh Ben Yahweh's beliefs, White "devils" run the US government.

The feds caged the putative Creator on a RICO beef in 1992. Perversely, Yahweh was paroled in 2001.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh was born Hulon Mitchell, one of 16 children of a Pentecostal preacher. What began as "civil rights" activism mutated into Black supremacism: "The civil rights movement was not about becoming free from the oppressor," he raged in later life. "The civil right movement was about fighting and dying to get inside of oppression, to be better oppressed... The civil rights movement was about being able to stop giving your money to your black brother and give it all to your oppressor. You wanted to sleep in the white hotel and eat in the white restaurant so you wouldn't have to eat in the black restaurant no more." He soon joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name to Mitchell X in the 1970s. Eventually he attained a position of power in the sect, and as "Minister Shah" sermonized followers with logic-twisted harangues about the perfidy of the White Devils. Unfortunately for Mitchell he was fingered by higher-ups for allegedly molesting children, and there was also a question about a missing $50,000.

At this period some members of the NoI were beginning to undertake plans for a murder campaign against random Whites. Their secret group was called the "Death Angels," and carried out the serial slaughter of Whites in San Francisco that became known as the Zebra Killings.

Mitchell knew that the NoI investigation would be painful, and so he took off, along with the idea of name-changes for followers and, apparently, the Zebra Killing idea. After a series of flase starts (at one point the NoI murdered his sidekick), he named his new sect Nation of Yahweh and appropriated much of the Nation of Islam's theology. But instead of Islam being the "original religion" of the Black Man, Mitchell chose Judaism.

The idea of "Genuine Israel" has had a strong pull on many different people, and has been popular in Black circles in the US since at least the early 1800s. To this Mitchell added a new twist: He was in fact the living God of Israel, and required worship as such.

From his base in Miami Mitchell, now Yahweh Ben Yahweh, set up a penny-ante Black empire, complete with in-house beatdowns of followers, ripoffs, booklets like "White Americans are Kidnappers and Terrorists," and murder of Whites.

From a block-sized warehouse called "Yahweh Temple of Love" cult followers went out to hunt down "Whitey" after fevered sermons were the Black God would shout: "How many of you would die for Yahweh? Would you kill for Yahweh?" as his bodyguard squad, The Circle of Ten, protected him.

Mitchell formed his "get-Whitey" death squad as "The Brotherhood," where membership -- just as with the NoI's Death Angels -- was limited to those able to provide Mitchell with the severed body part of a White person. White people began to die across South Florida.

Eventually Mitchell was arrested, but only cpnvicted of conspiracy.

One must ask: what if Mitchell had been White? Had proclaimed himself God and all Blacks "Devils." Had molested children and undertaken a racial murder and mutilation campaign?

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