Black Ex-Crack Salesman to Launch 'Books'
Report; Posted on: 2005-11-15 17:29:13

A useful incentive for wigger literacy?

Curtis Jackson, who records violent rap songs under the nom de plume "50 Cent" [sic] has linked up with MTV to release a series of "novellas" and comic books replete with the ghetto themes vicariously enjoyed by his overwhelmingly "wigger" fan base. (Wiggers are delusional suburban White youth who imitate violent Black ghetto speech, clothing and mannerisms. Their discretionary income drives much of the rap scene).

Since it is unknown by V-News if Jackson even knows how to write, it comes as no surprise that the first book will be authored by Nikki Turner, the "Princess of hip-hop fiction" who has produced page-turners like "A Hustler's Wife." The line will be released as G-Unit Books, named after 50 Cent's previous rap ensemble.

A publisher's release crowed that, "These tales will tell the truth about The Life; the sex, guns and cash; the brutal highs and short lives of the players on the streets." What "Fitty" (as 50 Cent is also known) may lack in literacy skills he makes up for in "keeping it real." At the tender age of 19 Fitty was busted for dealing heroin and crack cocaine. In 2000 he was struck three times by gunshots, later hinting that his assailant, who was never apprehended, was dealt with soon after in unpleasant circumstances. Rumors persist that the shooting was a hit put out by a rival rap figure. White parents who tolerate the exposure of their children to such music should understand that -- apart from damaging their racial consciousness -- their kids are flirting with an extremely dangerous world; numerous rap figures have been murdered in the incessant feuds plaguing the scene.

50 Cent and his G-Unit group are believed to be adherents of the 5% Nation, a Black supremacist cult that believes that Black males are literal deities, one of whose renegade divine "scientists" created the inferior, "devil" White race in a short-sighted laboratory experiment. 50 Cent's name is based upon a gematria system popular with followers of the "religion." The group's fascination with such "divine mathematics" is traced to its founder, who was an inveterate gambler.

MTV's Zionist head Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone) is undoubtedly hoping the "books" will do better than 50 Cent's filmic flop, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'." Wiggers have shunned the film after a Black male was gunned down at a theater on the second day of the ghetto picture's release.

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