Black 'Jews' Accused in Israeli Welfare Scam
Report; Posted on: 2005-12-11 13:37:23

Black group allegedly combines the "best" of both worlds

N. Callahan for V-News

The state of Israel, which depends for its very survival on national welfare handouts from America's long-suffering taxpayers, is accusing a group of US-derived Blacks of ripping off its benefits program. According to reports, the Israeli National Insurance Institute is investigating the Blacks for benefits fraud, joined by US officials investigating similar claims about the group's alleged violation of US social security and passport laws.

The Blacks are members of a cult which believes that Negroes are the "true Jews." The sect, called the Hebrew Israelite Community or Nation of Israel, is part of a long African-American tradition of self-declared "Black Hebrews," many of whom are staunch racial separatists who claim that "White Jews" are imposters. Claims to be "true Jews" are very common amongst various racial groups, who focus on syncretic Bronze Age Middle Eastern myths to latch on to the racist assertion that Jews are "God's Chosen People." Groups claiming to be Jewish include some East Indians, Whites, Chinese, and the Lemba tribesmen of South Africa. The best-known false claimants are of course the Ashekenazim, the European Jews whose racial makeup is a hybrid of Turkic and White stock, with no genetic connection to the Middle East.

Founded by Ben-Ami Ben-Israel (Ben Carter) in the Sixties, the "Nation of Israel" "repatriated" to the Zionist statelet where they were relegated to the desert wastelands near Dimona, the infamous Israeli nuclear site. After the apparent conversion of singer Whitney Houston, the cult was recently granted official Israeli residency status, even though Israel's powerful Ashekenazi-dominated rabbinical authorities continue to maintain that the Blacks are not "halachic" (kosher, or real Jews). (A Black Hebrew once famously berated a rabbinical council, which maintained the strict Judaic race-law in denying that the Blacks were really Jews, by shouting that the rabbis were behaving "exactly like the Nazis treated our brothers in Germany!" to the fury of the rabbis and delight of observers of the weird religion.)

The Israelis are also disturbed by the ambiguous position the Black Hebrews take on Israel itself. The super-paranoid 1999 "Project Megiddo" FBI report, which was heavily influenced by the Zionist hate group, the Anti-Defamation League, predicted "millenial violence" from the cult; of course, nothing happened. But the Nation of Israel sect is still said to have "links" with the Black separatist Nation of Islam, which the ADL hates and fears. Jewish reports still dredge up friendly remarks made over ten years back by NOI leader Louis Farrakhan to discredit the sect.

Still, the Nation of Islam has long had links with such groups. Just as the Black Hebrews maintain the fantasy that they are Israelites, the Black Muslims believe that Blacks are literal gods, oppressed by "White Devils" who were created by an evil Black scientist. One Nation of Islam minister, Hulon Mitchell Jr., changed his name to Yahweh Ben Yahweh (God, son of God) and founded his own group, appropriately named the "Nation of Yahweh" after himself. The cult carried out a number of ritual murders of Whites in Florida. Despite being God Incarnate in the Flesh, Mitchell was jailed on racketeering charges when authorities began investigating the 14 slayings. (God is now out of the joint, of course.) According to reports, the Black Hebrew murder campaign aped the similar "Zebra" series in San Francisco, where a Black Muslim "Death Angel" squad hoping to earn a "trip to Mecca" butchered Whites in the 1970s.

In addition to allegations of benefits fraud, the Israelis are upset that they have no control over the Nation of Israel. Even the size of the group -- which could be as large as 4,000 -- is unknown for certain, and members are said to practice polygamy under the cultlike reign of Ben-Ami Ben-Israel and his eleven henchmen, titled, in accordance with Black rhetorical flights of fancy, "Princes."

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