Beyond Chutzpah
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-09-19 11:39:27

Jewish supremacist rabbi calls for integration of White communities.

by David Duke

ONCE IN A WHILE, it happens. A Jewish supremacist does something that illustrates everything that you have spoken and written about for years. With incredible chutzpah, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has inadvertently exposed the hypocrisy and evil destructiveness of Jewish supremacism.

Many people are already cognizant of the devastating impact of Jewish extremism on the Palestinian people. However, it's not just Palestinians who are affected by Jewish supremacist extremism -- European-Americans are affected as well.

A leading, popular Rabbi and radio talk show host, Shmuley Boteach, recently wrote a column in the Jerusalem Post titled, "It's Time to Integrate America."

Rabbi Shmuley recently left his New Jersey residence to go to Utah in an effort use the Hurricane Katrina disaster as a means to promote the integration of ghetto Blacks into all-White communities. This same Rabbi Shmuley ardently supports the totally segregated Israeli State and has opposed the pullback of the all-Jewish, segregated settlements on Palestinian land in Gaza. (ILLUSTRATION: Boteach, right, and friend.)

In demanding integration for America and apartheid for Israel, Rabbi Shmuley represents the ultimate in Chutzpah!

I will come back to Rabbi Shmuley in a moment. First, let's consider the newspaper in which "It's time to Integrate America" appeared, the Jerusalem Post. Of course, such an article would be right at home in the New York Times. In fact, the New York Times recently ran a column by another Jewish supremacist, a leading warmonger for Israel in the Iraq War: David Brooks. Brooks has often written about the demographic threat to Israel and the Jewish people. In his article, "Katrina's Silver Lining," he gleefully tells the American people how Katrina affords us a “wonderful opportunity” to integrate White America:

"That’s why the second rule of rebuilding should be: Culturally Integrate. Culturally Integrate. Culturally Integrate. The only chance we have to break the cycle of poverty is to integrate people who lack middle-class skills into neighborhoods with people who possess these skills and who insist on certain standards of behavior...."

His advice for America in dealing with the ghetto refugees from New Orleans: "Culturally Integrate. Culturally Integrate. Culturally Integrate." Of course, David Brooks doesn't write any articles demanding that Israel should integrate with the Palestinians that it has ethnically cleansed and brutalized for so many decades. Brooks is not over in the nation he so loves saying integrate, integrate, integrate with the Palestinians. He is not demanding that America cut off aid to Israel until they do. He unashamedly sees Israel's purpose as a "Jewish State," one vital for the preservation of the Jewish people, religion and culture. This is a “human right” of the Jews, but not a “human right” that should be accorded to Palestinians or even to European Americans.

The Jerusalem Post and NY Times on Israel and America

The Jerusalem Post is the most prestigious newspaper in Israel and the New York Times is the leading newspaper in America. Both are owned and controlled by Jewish extremists. Both papers pontificate endlessly about the inherent right of Jews to be devoted to the preservation of the Jewish people, culture and religion. They proclaim, without a smidgen of self-inspection, the right of Israel to be a "Jewish State," a nation that openly puts the Jewish people, culture, and religion first.

Both papers devotedly support Israel. Israel bases its immigration policy primarily on genetics. Jewish genetics plays a much larger role in immigration to Israel than does religion. Any Jew anywhere in the world of Jewish descent (atheists included) can immigrate to Israel and receive huge monetary awards, while Palestinians who were born there, and then terrorized and driven from their property, cannot even return home.

Israel is one of the most segregated societies on earth. Schools are rigorously segregated. Israel has separate apartment buildings, separate communities, and separate settlements, even whole towns, that are rigidly segregated. The nation of Israel even has laws that say land owned by the government cannot be sold to Arabs but only to Jews.

The New York Times and Jerusalem Post frequently squawk about the demographic threat to the Jewish people both in Israel and in the Diaspora. They write endlessly about the threat of Palestinian birthrates and that the most serious threat to the Jewish people around the world: intermarriage. Interestingly, it is not just neocons who do this, but liberal Jews too. When they argue for disengagement from the West Bank they often cite the demographic threat to Israel if it swallows up the Palestinians of the West Bank. The supremacist Jews who also have great influence in the left seem to have little of the fervor against Israel that they did against South Africa. In fact, in regard to South Africa they actually supported the terrorists trying to bring down the regime.

In Israel, marriage between a Jew and a Gentile is actually illegal. Such marriages are not recognized by the Israeli government. In fact, the Israeli government attempts to preserve the pure genetics of its traditional Jewish priest class, the Kohanim. Israel does not even allow these members of the genetically pure Jewish elite to marry another bona fide Jew who might have a single drop of Gentile ancestry! Israel's Jewish race purity laws are tougher than the racial laws for the Nazi elite in Hitler's Third Reich. SS members only had to prove their ancestry going back eight generations. Jews must have no blemish back to Jacob!

Now, what is the position of these Jewish newspapers concerning European-Americans? Our forebears constituted all of America's Founding Fathers, and they are the overwhelming source of America's culture, religious and social norms. As far as European Americans are concerned, these Jewish publications reverse everything.

1) They say that viewing America as a European-American nation, devoted first and foremost to preserving the people and culture of its European forebears, is not only wrong but is downright hateful, racist and evil.

2) They say that any attempt to have an immigration policy that preserves the European-American is hateful, racist and evil.

3) They say that European-Americans, as well as African-Americans, cannot be permitted to have their own schools, apartment buildings, or neighborhoods. They say that to do so is hateful, racist and evil.

4) They say that a European-American leader, such as me, or an African-American leader, such as Louis Farrakhan, is evil for simply opposing intermarriage and wanting to preserve our own heritage.

But Jews with exactly the same preservationist view toward their own people receive praise from the same two Jewish publications. Not word goes out in condemnation of Jewish leaders and organizations, despite the fact that almost all of them condemn and work against Jewish intermarriage.

Rabbi Shmuley – "Time to Integrate White America"

Rabbi Shmuley, The Jew who wrote "Time to Integrate America," in the Jerusalem Post, is a radical Jewish extremist. Let's examine his policies on Israel's segregated settlements, Jewish birthrates and intermarriage.

Shmuley does not condemn the apartheid Israeli state. He actually supports the stealing of Palestinian land and the building of all the all-Jewish settlements on that land! Here's a quote from his own Web site in an article titled, "Sharon has turned America's Christian & Jewish communities against Israel." (August 16, 2005) The extremist and mass murderer Ariel Sharon is not extremist enough for Rabbi Shmuley!

…First, they are incredulous that any Jewish government could willfully uproot Jews from their homes with army troops. Is this what the United States gives Israel billions of dollars per year in military aid for, to be used not against the terrorists, but against those who peacefully grow lettuce and tomatoes?

Second, they are astonished at Israel’s retreat before terrorism. And they see in the cowardly retreat from Gush Katif not only a sinful action against God’s chosen people, but a willful abrogation of the American-Israel alliance. …

Here's an article by Shmuley published by Israel's leading newspaper on May 5, supporting higher Jewish birthrates, and opposing intermarriage by making sure Jewish youngsters have a Jewish (separate) education. It is from the Jerusalem Post and titled, "We need more Jews in the world."

I believe that the world Jewish community should set as its target the attainment of 100 million Jews in the world by the year 2050. This is possible if we triple the Jewish birthrate to five or six children per family, which many Orthodox families are already doing, severely curtail the number of Jewish adults marrying outside the community, which can only be done through giving more youngsters a Jewish education….

Contrast Shmuley’s sentiments of preserving the Jewish race and culture with his promotion of racial integration of White communities in Mormon Utah. Here are some excerpts from the Rabbi in his article:

It was puzzling for the mostly African-American guests at Camp Williams -- who had been evacuated from a destroyed New Orleans to Utah -- to suddenly see a rabbi with a yarmulke about to address them in their temporary military home. It was even stranger for them to suddenly recognize that that rabbi was the radio host whom the Utah papers had been reporting all week had lost his radio show after using his program to stage an event that would assist the evacuees to find permanent homes in the white, middle-class neighborhoods that Mormon Utah is famous for…

What Hurricane Katrina provided, through its curse of displacing so many hundreds of thousands of African-American residents, is the possibility for the blessing of true racial integration, by having those black families welcomed all over the country into white neighborhoods, permanently…”

Hence, the white community in the United States, with the devastation wrought by Katrina, finally had the opportunity to welcome homeless black families to live in their communities and treat them as fellow citizens whom they cherish rather than fear

Instead, we have seen a visceral reaction on the part of many white Americans to just that proposition. When David Brooks of The New York Times penned a recent piece advocating black refugee integration into white communities, I heard a prominent New York radio host respond, “I’m going to say what no one has the guts to say, but what all of you feel. I don’t want some guy who hasn’t worked a day in his life, who has sponged off welfare, and who can’t keep his neighborhood clean, moving in as my next-door neighbor.”

This loyal supporter of racist, apartheid Israel, Rabbi Shmuley, goes on to condemn and heap guilt upon the White people of America.

…White America still has a great many sins for which it must repent, foremost of which is white flight from neighborhoods that black residents move in to… It’s Time to Integrate America

Shmuley thinks that Whites fleeing their crime-infested neighborhoods and losing their homes to seek a safer environment for their children is evil, but he sees no problem in Jews terrorizing and driving hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes, neighborhoods, and then building segregated, Jewish supremacist communities on stolen Palestinian land.

In what must be the height of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy Shmuley goes on to lecture White Americans about morality and human dignity:

My foremost belief is that we are all God’s children, that we are all equally loved by our Father in heaven, that every human life is of infinite value, and that the best demonstration of that fact is to look at every human being -- regardless of superficial differences -- as our equal brother and sister.

Does Shmuley really believe this? Is this what he preaches for his Jewish "Chosen People" in Israel in regard to the Palestinians?

My favorite device in exposing hypocrisy is to do some word substitution. It is truly a mind opening process. Let's turn the words that Shmuley advocates for European Americans and apply them to his own people and to the nation he supports. All I need to do here is to substitute a word or two such as "Jew" for "White" and "Palestinian" for "Black."

"…(Shmuley is) using his program to stage an event that would assist the Palestinian refugees to find permanent homes in the Jewish, middle-class neighborhoods and settlements that Israel is famous for…"

And this,

"Hence, the Jewish community in Israel, with the occupation of the West Bank, finally had the opportunity to welcome homeless and long-suffering Palestinian families to live in their communities and treat them as fellow citizens whom they cherish rather than fear."

How about this one? -- a perfect fit:

What Hurricane Katrina (the 1967 War) provided, through its curse of displacing so many hundreds of thousands of (Palestinian residents), is the possibility for the blessing of true racial integration, by having those (Palestinian families) welcomed all over the country into Jewish neighborhoods, permanently.”

Turned around – these quotes are laughable and ludicrous, almost like some sort of satire on the TV show Saturday Night Live. Does Shmuley call for the integrating of Palestinians into Jewish communities for the blessing of "true racial integration"? If Shmuley preached this stuff in Israel he would be lucky to get out with his skin still on his flesh.

What drives this Jewish hypocrisy? Why do they advocate one thing for their own people and the very opposite for every other people on earth? Although there may be a lot of self-deception going on in the Jewish community, Jewish leaders like Shmuley know perfectly well that preservation of a people's heritage, tradition, and even genetic heritage is a good thing, a natural and healthy thing!

Their own religion, Judaism, continually stresses the preservation of Jewish heritage: religious, cultural and genetic. Their nation of Israel bases its primary policies on the preservation of the Jewish people. There is no talk about multiculturalism or integration in Israel. It is the most rigidly segregated state in the world. You can see this in all their policies from immigration laws to marriage regulations.

The Sulzbergers, owners of the NY Times, also know that preserving Israel as a Jewish state is good for Jews. So do the owners of the Jerusalem Post. They know too that if America remains an overwhelmingly White nation in population and culture, it is good for European-Americans! But for whose interests are these Jewish extremists working? Surely not ours, not the Palestinians', and not any other people but their own!

They know that "true integration" would destroy the Jewish people and Israel as a Jewish state. That’s why they work so hard for “Jewish Education.” That’s why they work overtime telling their people how Gentiles are evil folk that have unjustly persecuted them since the beginning of time. That’s why they wail about the Holocaust every day of the year. Rabbi Shmuley's article was not entitled, "It's time to integrate Israel." In fact, Shmuley does everything he can to preserve the Jewish people, to hang on to stolen land for all-Jewish settlements, and to prevent intermarriage.

So why do these Jewish supremacists do what they do to destroy our European-American heritage such as promoting articles like, "Its time to integrate America?" Why do they promote the sending of African-Americans into the heart of all-White communities with all the attendant problems as well as the increased intermarriage which will destroy the unique heritage of both races?

Shmuley knows that what he proposes in Utah is destructive to our people. He can't help but know it. Yet, he does it anyway. In fact, he loves doing it as much as he loves working to preserve and increase Jewish power. Why? -- because he knows that White weakness serves Jewish power! And Shmuley has the Chutzpah to go to a community he doesn't even live in and tell the people how they must welcome their own destruction. That's beyond Chutzpah!

Since the Jews are the richest per capita population in America, why doesn't Shmuley suggest that America's Jews take the New Orleans African-American population into their communities? Israel says it needs more people, and if heritage and race really make no difference as Shmuley constantly preaches to Americans, Israel's population problems can be solved. He can create his 100 million Jews in no time – just offer the Black refugees hundreds of thousands of dollars like all the Israeli settlers are offered to come to Israel. The Blacks will line up. As part of the deal, Israel can even require them to agree to join the Jewish faith. If injecting Blacks into all-White Utah communities is good, then the New Orleans refugees offer a wonderful opportunity for Israel… right?

I have one more quote I want to share with you from Rabbi Shmuley. It is from an article he wrote for the Jewish World Digest of June 6, 2005. It is called "Why can't they fall in love?" and it is about how the Jewish people can curtail intermarriage. In it I found the following statement:

Take, for example, a singles event I spoke at recently at a large synagogue in Los Angeles. One of the women in the crowd had blond-haired blue-eyed Aryan looks. Indeed, she was a non-Jewish woman from the South who was in the midst of converting to Judaism. Every guy there made a beeline for her. Of the approximately sixty men present, nearly ten came over to me at different times and asked me if I knew who she was. Not a single other man asked me about any of the other women. I was embarrassed and humiliated for the other women present.

I believe that Shmuley truly hates us, all the Gentiles, and especially Gentiles who are of European descent. He obviously is ashamed of the fact that Jewish men desire our “Aryan-looking” women over the Jewish American Princesses, and that many Jewish women prefer the looks of a Robert Redford type over a stereotypical Jewish male -- of, say, the type of Al Goldstein of Screw magazine infamy.

I believe that beneath Shmuley's contempt for our people is an underlying jealousy that permeates the extremists in the Jewish community. I would not be surprised to learn that Shmuley gets a smug satisfaction from the thought of a blonde "Aryan" Utah adolescent girl being bedded down by a gangster rapper. After all, if that desecration happens often enough, there will be no more blonde goddesses for Jewish men to go agape after and intermarry. And, more importantly, there will be no cohesive White Gentile community with a sense of unity, heritage and purpose to oppose the Jewish extremist power.

The last thing Shmuley and the Jewish extremists want is for White people to work for our people the same way Shmuley does for his. Shmuley also apparently believes he has some sort of messianic right as a member of the "Chosen People" to lecture us and dictate to us. And by the way, have you ever thought about the term “Chosen People.” Is it not the height of supremacism to think that God has chosen Jews above all other people on earth? Not exactly egalitarian, hey Shmuley? Yet he uses the term constantly. The truth is that the term “Chosen People” is not that far from the term “Master Race.” Christianity as expressed in the New Testament says the “chosen” are those who accept Jesus Christ. Jews think they are chosen and above all other humanity simply because they are simply born Jews.

It's not only this hypocritical rabbi Shmuley and these leading newspapers of Israel and America that hope for this genocide against our people. Have you been to the movies lately and seen how this theme is repeatedly pursued? Have you noticed how the Jewish entertainment media promotes everything from gangster rap, to White guilt, to the joys of multiculturalism, but almost never the downside of "diversity"?

Read my book, Jewish Supremacism and you can see the indisputable facts that the movement to break down America’s immigration laws has been led from top to bottom by Jewish supremacists. At the same time they worked to make European-Americans a minority in America, they worked to make Jews an overwhelming majority in Israel!

My European-American brothers and sisters who innocently go along with Shmuley and his ilk, don’t you get it yet?

You have been conned!

My European-American brethren, we are truly in a struggle for our very existence in our country and on this planet.

If the Rabbi Shmuleys of the world prevail, our people will die. We will become minorities in our nations. Our heritage and culture and freedom will be destroyed forever.

Unlike Rabbi Shmuley, I don't advocate one thing for my own people and another for everyone else. I am not a bundle of rampant hypocrisy like the New York Times or the Jerusalem Post.

Truth is, I don't hate Blacks, and I think that they too have a right to preserve their heritage and traditions just like European-Americans should.

I don't hate Jews, but I must tell you, if Rabbi Shmuley keeps opening his hypocritical mouth, he is so damn vile and disgusting, my attitudes could change. Shmuley is the best explanation I have ever seen of the cause of “anti-Semitism.”

I do believe that Jews have the same right as all other people to preserve their own heritage and traditions. I would never go into a Jewish neighborhood and tell them that they should adopt policies that would destroy it and their heritage.

I have no problem with a Jewish state somewhere, but don't ask me to support the theft of other people's lands. Don’t ask me to support torture and brutality. Israelis need to sit down and work out a decent, equitable agreement with the Palestinian people that both sides can live with. Of course with types of supremacists like Shmuley around, fat chance for that!

I do, though, have a problem with people with loyalty to Israel controlling my nation's foreign policies and getting our sons and daughter murdered and maimed in illegal, aggressive wars for Israel, such as the war in Iraq.

I do have a problem with Jewish supremacists in America controlling so much of our press and doing everything they can to hurt the European-American community and heritage.

I have a problem with their bending our government, through their ungodly money and influence, to policies that will mean the ethnic cleansing and genocide of our people in America and all European homelands.

The last words of this essay I will address directly to Rabbi Shmuley.

As for you, Rabbi Shmuley, you should get the hell out of Utah. Go preach your destructive policies to the only nation to which you are loyal: Israel.

Our people don't want your smug Jewish supremacist hypocrisy.

We don't want the guilt you seek to put upon us, you Jewish supremacists have enough sins for whole of humanity!

Rabbi Shmuley, you represent The ultimate chutzpah!

I am glad you put into clear words what I have been trying to explain to my people for years.

You have inadvertently done me a big favor by making your hypocrisy so damned obvious to anyone but the brain-dead.

Thank you, Rabbi, for exposing Jewish extremist hypocrisy to millions of people around the world.

Now, why don't you get the hell out of America and go where you belong: to the apartheid State of Israel.

David Duke, PhD

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