Benedict Meets with Dissident Journalist
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-02 13:15:13

Popular heroine gains Papal approval.

Oriana Fallaci, a popular Italian journalist under indictment for 'hate' was granted a personal audience with Pope Benedict XVI last weekend. News of the meeting was greeted with discomfort in Establishment circles already concerned about the Pope's seemingly pro-European views. Benedict openly opposed Turkish membership in the European Union in statements that aided the defeat of the EU referenda twice earlier in 2005, and his recent statements about declining birth-rates were seen by observers as an attempt to bolster the shrinking native European population. He has also come under fire for meeting with pro-European Catholic Traditionalists.

One of Signora Fallaci's works warned Italians about the rising Muslim threat to Europe and sold a half-million copies within days of its release. She has been charged with thought crimes for allegedly anti-Muslim statements in another work, The Strength of Reason.

Signora Fallaci is seventy-six and suffering from cancer. Such heartless prosecution of dissidents is a hallmark of the embattled European elites who are facing growing opposition from patriots continent-wide. The septuagenarian dissident John Tyndall was hounded to death by prosecutors in the United Kingdom earlier in 2005. Signora Fallaci has become a heroine to ordinary Italians and is hated by the pro-government far left.

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