Belgian Police Raid Revisionists
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-14 00:58:18

Somewhere in Europe -- this week

Early on the morning of September 12, in Brussels, three Belgian policemen 'intervening' on behalf of a Franco-Belgian Thought Crime 'investigative commission' searched the residence of historical revisionist dissident Vincent Reynouard.

The cops seized Reynouard's computer, his documents and library. They then affixed official seals on the door of his work office and informed Reynouard that he had to stop all revisionist activity.

Jérôme Bourbon and Camille-Marie Galic have been charged with 'aiding and abetting' the 'justification of crimes' and 'disputing crimes against humanity' (all nonsensical code for questioning 'Holocaust' dogma) because of a declaration by French Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen that they retrieved and published in the French newspaper Rivarol (January 7 2005), concerning the Ascq massacre and the German occupation.

One has to go back to the period of the Inquisition to find peacetime persecution of scholars similar to what is happening in Europe now.

Tell the Belgians what you think of human rights abuses now!

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