BNP's Griffin: Asians Engage in Ethnic Cleansing in Oldham
News/Comment; Posted on: 2003-11-07 23:52:17

Sixty-five members and supporters gathered to hear British National Party (BNP) Chairman Nick Griffin attack plans for forced integration in Oldham, reports the North West BNP.

"White estates will be broken up and replaced by socially engineered streets which have to have their quota of ethnic minorities. In schools it will be the classroom that is subjected to quotas and the integration of ethnic minority children into every class will mean the end of the Christian ethos. It will have to be scrapped because the politically correct brigade will not want to cause offence. Our own children, on the other hand, will be forced to study a religious knowledge syllabus dominated by Islam."

"Oldham used to have the second largest Remembrance Day parade and ceremony in the country," he said. "Please come along on Sunday and show the people of Oldham that we will never forget the sacrifice generations of our townsfolk have made for our country."

"We are firmly established here now and everyone is busy promoting the party within their own little communities. We don't need the big headlines in Oldham any more. People know us, know what we are about and our support amongst Oldhammers is growing all the time."

In May of 2001, diversity-related rioting caused great damage to the White community in Oldham. Greater Manchester Police described the running battles as "sheer carnage," as Asian gangs attacked police and cars with petrol bombs. The BNP writes that there has been a pattern by Asian gangs to strike fear in Whites by attacking their meeting places. “[D]uring the race riots in Oldham, the estate pub, in that case the ironically named 'Live and Let Live' was also gutted by fire-bombing Asian gangs.”

“The pattern is not coincidental. The inns and taverns of both rural Britain and the estate pubs on housing schemes throughout Britain are all prime focal points for the local British community. These newcomers, whose own countries are themselves violent and fragmented, now seek to destroy the meeting places; the pubs, churches and community halls which are all 'easy targets' and ultimately to ethnically cleanse the areas they have settled into in the British Isles.”

Source: Henry Reese • Printed from National Vanguard
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