BNP Gets Voice on Yorkshire Race Council
Report; Posted on: 2004-07-13 16:48:00

A small but important first step in re-establishing sanity in racial matters in Britain.

White British folk in the West Yorkshire town of Halifax now have a voice on the town's race equality group following the long overdue appointment of an elected BNP Calderdale Councillor.

Clr. Adrian Marsden was appointed to the Race Equality and Community Cohesion Working Party last week, delivering a victory to the White community which has long suffered from racist and politically correct attacks and been subject to "positive discrimination" from the council and public bodies.

Representation and involvement

Clr Marsden told us : "I have been elected to represent the people in my ward and that means getting involved in all aspects of the council's business, including working parties.

"We have to have an input. If we didn't, our enemies would use that against us, too. I have got a clear idea of how I believe we can bring an end to all the racist stuff there is in Halifax. There are a lot of race attacks - one section of the community attacking another."

Mr. Marsden added:
"The other parties put their members of ethnic minorities on this working party, but surely it should represent the racial make-up of the council. Don't the White people of Calderdale count?"

Unable to see the need for balance on such a working group, members of the far left and some ethnic minority groups have called for Clr. Marsden to be removed.

Labour calls for boycott

Labour MP Alice Mahon called on other councillors to boycott the working party if BNP councillor Adrian Marsden was not removed from it.

"If the council does not change its decision and remove the BNP councillor from this position, all other members should boycott the working party."

She then bizarrely warned that she had written to Home Secretary Blunkett and Michael Howard about this matter. The BNP are delighted at this move and welcome Mr. Howard to Halifax to tell the electorate not to vote BNP, in a repeat of his excellent performance in Burnley which saw the BNP vote hold steady despite his blundering intrusion.

Lies from the far left

Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary of the campaign Unite Against Fascism (National Assembly Against Racism), said: "We condemn the decision to appoint a BNP councillor to this working group. The BNP is not a legitimate political party and should not be treated like one. The BNP is a fascist and racist organization that stands for an all-White Britain and brings division, crime and social problems to areas that they target."

So straight from the horses' mouths we have groups that call for "equality" but in reality mean "power;" when they talk about "cohesion" it means "excluding white Britons;" when they talk about "engaging and discussion" they mean boycotting the BNP.

New chapter

These are the double-standards that are employed by race equality councils and working groups across Britain. Until now they have been the exclusive preserve of those who would use these groups to undermine the status of the British majority and attack the British way of life and the British people's heritage and culture. Clr. Marsden's appointment is the beginning of a new chapter which will see more sensible voices prepared to speak up for the British majority.

Source: William Jensen • Printed from National Vanguard
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