BBC To Report On London Kabbalah Center
Report; Posted on: 2005-01-14 17:07:28

Jews who operate chain of kabbalah centers to be revealed as con artists in new documentary.

In the article "Grifters, Marks, and Kabbalah Centers" posted December 10, 2004, we reported on the so-called Kabbalah Center movement, detailing the cult-like operation, headed by "dual loyalty" Jews.

The huge Kabbalah Center chain was founded by Feivel Gruberger, who uses the alias "Philip Berg." The family business is run by his wife Karen, and sons Michael Berg and Yehuda Berg, both Israeli-trained rabbis. Yehuda recently told the BBC: "Our London center serves 5,000 people, but we expect that to grow to 10,000 very soon."

(Picture: Rabbi Moshe Omer speaks during a news conference in June, at the Las Vegas Kabbalah Center. Omer was arrested for conducting a religious service in a residential area immediately following his speech.)

Feivel Gruberger was born in Brooklyn in 1929, and was an insurance salesman before leaving his first wife and 8 children to reinvent himself as a spiritual guru. He was ordained as a rabbi at a rabbinical seminary, Torah VaDaat, in Williamsburg, New York, before moving on to study in Israel, where his second set of children were born. As part of the process, the Jew began signing his books as "Dr." Philip Berg, although in one interview he admitted to having no academic degree at all.

The Web site of This is London (see links below), reports that the new documentary to be aired on BBC2 has dug up some shocking facts about Berg's London Kabbalah Center -- that is, shocking to those unaware of the essentially criminal nature of the Jews.

The documentary is being carefully promoted as "raising serious questions about the Kabbalah Center movement and its leaders," while making sure to quote lots of "good Jews" who feign outrage over the thieving "bad Jews" who, we are led to believe, in no way represent what Jews are all about.

According to various sources, the documentary will reveal that: The "healing" spring water sold to cancer sufferers for $7 a bottle comes from a Canadian bottling plant -- it's not sourced from springs and treated by an exclusive Kabbalistic process, as claimed. | Cash raised for tsunami victims is being spent to distribute Kabbalah products in Indonesia. | The group's $6.8 million London center has followers sleeping in windowless "cells" in the basement. | Although the Kabbalah Jews enjoy "not-for-profit" status, they live like millionaires. Plastic surgery and gambling trips are mentioned. | Pieces of red string sold for $26 each, meant to be "tied around the left wrist to imbue one's self with the power of its protection -- protection from other people's judgment, other people's jealousy," are not cut from "long strands that were wrapped around the tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel," as claimed.

A senior figure in the London Kabbalah Center, Eliyahu Yardeni, told one undercover BBC reporter that Jews killed in the Holocaust brought the horror upon themselves. "Just to tell you another thing about the six million Jews that were killed in the Holocaust: the question was that the Light was blocked," Yardeni said. "They didn't use Kabbalah." People who practice Kabbalah enjoy the protective benefits of "the Light," while others do not, he went on to explain.

The BBC2 program team also interviewed senior figures in the "Jewish community" who are suddenly desperate to distance themselves from what they now describe as "a nefarious bunch of charlatans." This is rather odd, since the Jewish community, as represented by their media, has been providing cover for the organization since its inception 40 years ago. It appears that a growing number of complaints have forced the media to gradually reevaluate the sustainability of its favored position. Until now they have printed one article after another in loving support of each new Kabbalah Center grand opening.

The 2004 April edition of London Times magazine ran a rare critique of Kabbalah Center operations. The following is a very enlightening excerpt:

"It was the rabbi's sudden demand for $200,000 to cleanse her late parents' souls that finally drove Susie to speak out. She had already faced moments of doubt. There was the instruction to work on those not yet ready to buy, and forget those with their wallets already out. Then the intense pressure for her to spend $672 on holy books and $1680 to attend a religious ceremony. Susie met with Rabbi Philip Berg (pictured at right) on January 26 near the Center's new $6.8 million offices in Stratford Place in the West End of London. She recalls 'I explained that my mother had died of cancer in 1980.' According to Susie, the rabbi looked at her and said that there was one thing she could do to honor her parents' memory: she could buy the Center a new Kabbalistic Torah for $110,000. To get out of what was now a very uncomfortable situation, Susie explained that everything was invested in property. And he replied: 'Then give us a property!' The rabbi then made another suggestion. He said, 'I'll let you pay by installments.' He said she could write a series of post-dated checks. When she insisted that the checks would bounce, he started to argue quite aggressively that she did have it, and that she should go straight to the Center and sign."

In 2001 Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall organized a fundraising dinner in honor of Rabbi Philip Berg "so that others can benefit from his wisdom and find fulfillment," Jagger said.

Jagger and his current and former Rolling Stones buddies, Ron Wood and Bill Wyman respectively, were joined onstage by Eurythmics band member Dave Stewart and award-winning pianist/composer Michael Kamen for a once-in-a-lifetime jam session in honor of the Kabbalah Center. It was Jagger on vocals, Ron Wood on percussion, Bill Wyman on bass, Dave Stewart on guitar and Michael Kamen on keyboards. The scene was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame material with the reunion of Jagger, Wood and Wyman playing together.

The special event was organized by Jagger and his former wife and model turned stage actress, Jerry Hall, as a tribute to their "spiritual center" and in appreciation for Kabbalist Berg, presented as "dean and director" of the Kabbalah Center, and his wife, Karen.

Jagger and Hall hosted the evening at Ron Wood's Harrington club, which included a specially prepared kosher dinner for over 70 of their closest rich friends.

At the dinner, Jagger thanked his guests for their donations to the Center and gave a special acknowledgment to Hall for working so hard in organizing the elaborate affair while performing as Mrs. Robinson in the London stage play, "The Graduate," seven times per week. Jagger went on to deliver heartfelt words about how Kabbalah has greatly improved his life.

It was Hall who introduced the "spiritual philosophy" to Jagger. Hall, herself, was introduced to Kabbalah over a year ago during a visit to the United States when an anonymous friend brought her to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. At the Center, she began her "studies" with "teacher" Eitan Yardeni, a Jew, whose roster of celebrity students includes pop slut, Madonna. Hall continued her indoctrination upon her return to London, where she began studying under Eitan's brother, Eliayahu Yardeni. Shortly thereafter, she introduced Jagger to the Kabbalah Center. Jagger has been involved for a several years.

Hall also attested to the influence of Kabbalah in her life. As she addressed her guests, she spoke about how her life was changed through Kabbalah and its wisdom, and how she and Mick wanted to share these teachings with their friends. She also stated that both she and Jagger wanted to raise money for the Center so that other people could benefit from the wisdom and find fulfillment in their lives. Hall was emotionally moved as she spoke about the blessings and benefits that she had received from the Center.

"The warmth felt throughout the whole evening reflects the love Mick and Jerry have for people. The effort they put into organizing such a tremendous evening resulted in such a memorable event of spiritual and musical enlightenment," said Rabbi Phillip Berg, the dean and director of the Kabbalah Center.

However, when Jerry Hall ended her involvement in the cult last autumn, she stated: "They always talked about giving in order to receive, but I didn't really realize that in order to go through a door of miracles you had to give 10 percent of your income."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Taylor has commended Rabbi Berg's teachings as "a light to lead me through the darkness." While Roseanne Barr sees them as the basis of "everything I believe." Winona Ryder even wore a red Kabbalah string bracelet during her shoplifting trial, and Demi Moore recently told Vogue that Kabbalah had helped her learn "the value of her worth." Other celebrity followers include Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton.

The Rick Ross anti-cult Web site reports that in 1990, Berg's so-called "Research Center of Kabbalah" of New York, NY, declared the following to the IRS:

* $2,824,449 in gross sales
* $2,582,705 in gross profit
* $9,675,448 in net worth

The net assets of his New York branch in 1990, according to IRS-returns, were close to 10 million dollars.

Con artist Michael Moskowitz, at left, currently works at the Kabbalah Research Center of New York City. He's paid to lecture and seminar across the United States on behalf of the Center, and hosts expensive "spiritual retreats." He also cons leaders in business to "help them employ the tools and wisdom of Kabbalah on their personal, spiritual path."

According his bio, Moskowitz has recorded subject matter ranging from basic Kabbalah principles to reincarnation, miracles, health and healing and has been adoringly cited in major newspapers and magazines. Moskowitz was born and raised in New York City, and resides there today with his family.


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