Axe Wielding Albanian Mob Brutally Assaults Elderly Serb Couple in Kosovo
Report; Posted on: 2005-03-31 03:53:53

As the usual suspects remain silent, the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo continues under the watchful eyes of NATO. When Islamic extremists are against Europeans, they are considered useful. It doesn't matter that Kosovo has become a hotbed of crime, prostitution, terrorism, and a future source of major blowback

Nedeljko (81) and Nevenka Vucic (86) were brutally beaten up by a group of Albanians in the village of Crkolez in the municipality of Istok (northwestern Kosovo) this morning, SRNA's corresponednt from Kosovo has reported.

The elderly couple suffered serious injuries to the chest, head and limbs, mainly inflicted by the blunt side of an axe head.

"Slash marks can be seen on Nedeljko's neck and this shows that the Albanians wanted to kill him," Kosovska Mitrovica hospital Duty Doctor Aleksandar Bozovic said after the couple underwent emergency surgery .

According to Doctor Boskovic, Nedeljko and Nevenka Vucic are no longer in a critical condition.

They were attacked when they left their home to feed the cattle. First aid was administered by their neighbour Vukosava Tripkovic, a nurse, who heard their pleas for help and found them seriously injured in a pool of blood.

The village of Crkolez is inhabited by 163 Serbs who are completely surrounded by Albanians.

Source: SRNA • Printed from National Vanguard
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