Austrians Fed Up With Kosher Arnie
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-05-05 19:35:05

Golden State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, personally a likeable oaf, has lost the admiration of his fellow Austrians.

The film superstar and Austrian native has put another nail in his popularity coffin with last week's Israeli junket, a "gift" of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), a Zionist organization to which the muscleman has donated an estimated $1 million to help ease his career in Hollywood and Sacramento.

Arnie also reportedly tasked the SWC to "investigate" his own father, a former member of the National Socialist party, and put leading Zionists on his campaign team to give him a clean bill of political health. Boasted the SWC's Rabbi Marvin Hier, "every time he does a movie, he writes a check." Schwarzenegger has been accused of associating with 'Nazis' because he invited former Austrian President Kurt Waldheim, a German officer during World War II, to his 1986 wedding to Maria Shriver. Waldheim faced Communist accusations of "war crimes" for his service in the German Army in WWII.

While in Israel, Schwarzenegger lambasted Austria: "I was born in Austria, which is a beautiful country... but a place where intolerance and ignorance led to terrible atrocities," Schwarzenegger told a gathering of Israel's top politicians and American Jewish leaders. "Because of that, I want to do whatever I can to promote tolerance around the world."

The remarks are seen in Austria as a sell-out to Zionists who have long interfered in Austria's affairs. "By his actions and statements, Schwarzenegger has proven that he is no longer an Austrian," said Werner Schwaerzler, an Austrian salesman in his 30s.

Schwarzenegger is a conscious sell-out. He reportedly was friendly with David Duke years ago, and is still said to count Austrian anti-immigration politicos Herbert Haupt, the former Vice Chancellor, and Jeorg Haider as friends, though he condemned Haider's politics on Jewish orders. He even planned a film dealing with an 'anti-Nazi' German Army hero only to quash it when Jews in Hollywood feared the power of a hero in a grey uniform, no matter how politically correct.

The Governator's first snub of his homeland came when he refused to allow an official Austrian delegation to attend his inauguration. In February he refused clemency to death row Black axe murderer Kevin Cooper, who chopped up a White family and whose own defense team's DNA studies proved him guilty. A court handed the Black a last-minute stay while "further tests" are run.

Austria, like all member states of the EU, sees capital punishment as a barbaric relic of their own dark medieval past, and the procedure is widely opposed.

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