Apparent Drug Overdose Claims Life of National Vanguard Foe
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-04 14:15:07

Musician’s last show was an anti-National Vanguard event.

Jewish singer Al 'Al of Hate' Midnica of the New York ‘anti-racist’ hardcore ensemble Eyes of Hate was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in a hotel room Friday. The obese frontman, 45, was committed to anti-White hatred, and one of the last concerts he played was at the so-called ‘Anti-Racist Convergence’ on August 27, a New Jersey gathering of pro-corporate immigration agenda activists focused on hatred of National Vanguard.

Midnica's demise is the latest in a series of crime-related deaths of anti-White activists. Manchester England’s Dessie Noonan, leader of Anti-Fascist Action and a well-known mafia don, was stabbed to death in the spring of 2005. Matty Blagg of anti-White band the Blaggers died of a heroin overdose some years back. Irving Rubin, head of the Jewish Defense League, committed suicide in the Los Angeles County jail where he awaited trial for a series of bomb plots. And 'Raybeez,' singer of anti-White band Warzone, fell victim to AIDS.

Much of the 'anti-fascist' hardcore scene, of which Eyes of Hate were a part, consists of overgrown children addicted to radical chic, negativity and a bizarre machismo. Claiming an influence from bands with such charming names as Sick Pleasure, Suicidal Tendencies, Septic Death and Sick Of It All, Al penned lyrics such as: “I'd like to/blur it/and burn it/Take it outside and stomp on it/Rip it/and rape it/Tell the whole world I hate it.”

Said one mourning fan, “Please people don't do drugs. Drugs kill...even cool peoples!!!!” [sic]

National Vanguard regards the 'anti-fascist' street scene as an immature distraction.

Source: NV Staff • Printed from National Vanguard
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