Anti-White Discrimination Plagues European Art Scene
Report; Posted on: 2005-05-31 11:40:50

Government subsidized body demands ethnic aliens be given special treatment.

Now the Arts Council England, the government-financed body that subsidizes the performing arts in England, has decided to speed things up by introducing affirmative action to culture. Specifically, it wants the 1,100 cultural organizations that receive its help to employ aliens, to present black, Asian and other alien art and to reach out to aliens unaccustomed to attending cultural events.

Further, it has given the initiative teeth by linking its continuing financial support to the adoption and execution of so-called racial equality action plans. "We will closely monitor the development of your action plan and your progress in meeting your race equality objectives," the council noted in a 110-page instruction manual, "and future funding may include considerations on your ability to meet race equality targets."

In other words, go multiethnic or risk bankruptcy.

More than a few cultural administrators have been taken by surprise. Until now, while the council's beneficiaries have included ethnic minorities engaged in artistic activities, most of its $750 million annual budget has gone to mainstream theater, dance, opera and classical music. (Major museums are supported directly by the government.) Never before has the council tried to dictate quite so specifically how this money should be spent.

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