Anti-Child-Molester Protest Stopped by 'Anti-Fascist Action'
News/Comment; Posted on: 2003-10-28 15:34:57

by Whitte de Wit

In the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, two nationalist political parties, Nieuw Rechts (New Right ) and the NNP (New National Party), organised a protest against the child molester organisation Martijn. The organisation, whose purpose is to legitimise adult-child sexual relationships, has been allowed to operate freely by the 'liberal' Dutch government.

The protest, which took place on Saturday, October 25th 2003, was cancelled by the (Jewish) Labour Party mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, in order to "avoid a violent confrontation" between the nationalists and the "anti-fascist" protesters of the AFA (Anti-Fascist Action).

The nationalists were stopped at the city limits by police, while the AFA raged through the city attacking innocent bystanders for “looking too Dutch.” One man, who may have been a Swiss tourist, was taken to hospital, while three more innocent bystanders were attacked at the central train station. The police arrested two individuals.

After the mayor had forbidden the protest, the nationalists decided to head for the Dutch Parliament, located in The Hague. There they finally managed to hold their peaceful protest.

See more pictures of the neatly dressed and respectful nationalists here:

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