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Andrew Young Pulls a “Mel Gibson”

Posted By deduke On 22nd August 2006 @ 00:35 In Civil Rights | No Comments

by Jeff Davis

Andrew Young

Looks like not-so-Bravehearted Mel Gibson isn’t the only one who has an unfavorable opinion of a certain Tribe. A lot of blacks don’t have much use for Jews either, and every now and then one of these privileged minority “community leaders” like Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson or Al Sharpton lets something slip.

According to an [1] article in the International Herald Tribune, “American civil rights leader (their term) Andrew Young, who was hired by Wal-Mart Stores to improve its public image has resigned after telling an African-American newspaper that Jewish, Arab and Korean shop owners had ripped off urban communities for years, ’selling us stale bread, and bad meat and wilted vegetables.’ …In the interview, published Thursday in The Los Angeles Sentinel, a weekly, Young said Wal-Mart should displace mom-and-pop stores in urban neighborhoods. ‘You see those are the people who have been overcharging us,’ he said of the owners of the small stores, ‘and they sold out and moved to Florida. I think they’ve ripped off our communities enough. First it was Jews, then it was Koreans and now it’s Arabs.’”

Well, actually, yes, Andy has a point there. That is exactly what these store owners have done to the so-called black community and everybody in this country, black or white, knows it perfectly well. But of course, you’re not supposed to SAY such things out loud.

Needless to say, former United Nations Ambassador Young immediately groveled and retracted and resigned from his job as chairman of Working Families for Wal-Mart, “a group created and financed by the company to trumpet its accomplishments,” i.e. to distract people from the immense damage that Wal-Mart does by undercutting and destroying American retail businesses with cheap foreign goods and near minimum-wage, no-benefit labor.

Young was supposed to ease the introduction of Wal-Mart stores into minority neighborhoods. For this he was paid an undisclosed sum by Wally World, but which you can bet was mucho dinero. Wal-Mart, of course, fell all over themselves distancing themselves from Young’s remarks, and whoever was responsible for hiring the old, over-rated embarrassment has probably been made store manager in Nome, Alaska.

It is not yet known whether, like Mel Gibson, Young was drunk when he made his politically incorrect remarks.

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